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ID software fanboy mod featuring doom armor, Wolfenstein weapons and armor and a short quest.

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Hi everyone thank you for downloading and enjoying this mod. Hopefully I've caught the last of the bugs now. I've just changed the quest script a little to remove the quest marker for the generator after Death's Head is killed. It's kind of a dirty fix but it'll do.Also there was an issue for some people with repairing the armor. That should be fixed now.

Welcome to Blazkowicz.
I've colour coded the fonts on this page to make it easy.Red = Important and must be read before download. Any comments raising from things covered here will be ignored.Yellow = Not important but useful. This section will detail mod features so you'll better understand how everything works. But you're welcome to just go explore for yourself but do check here 1st before asking questions.White= Mostly just me rambling so...Lets get started.First: Credit where it's due. This mod would not have been possible without the aid of all the wonderful people on the Nexus mod author discord and in the other mod author communities to which I am a member. 

Direct contributors- Fuse00 for letting me use here syth and ghouls revamped textures.
The voice acting talents of my good man NowYouNoam and my friend Timothy.
Information: The many fine people on the nexus mod author and bone zone discords.
Special mentions
 The tutorial master and ultimate bro Seddo4494
 The real fallout 4 mad scientist BlahBlahDEEBlahBlah 
 The settlement guru fftfan
 Ghoul Skin texture 

Make sure you exit the PA and remove all outfit pieces before uninstalling the mod. Many of these have enchantments that will stay active on your character if you disable the mod while wearing the outfit. It will bug your save game.

Reload Speed: The Wolfenstein shotgun has a doom super shotgun style rapid reload. However reload speed in Fallout 4 is fundamentally bugged and can be reset at random times and when entering and exiting PA. Should this happen just un-equip and re-equip the gun.

If you do not get a quest marker for Goodneighbour and you have the depravity mod installed you need to go to the original hotel rexford cell to find the terminal. Apparently depravity completely replaces this but has a door to the original area.

Remember only those who worship Todd will  be admitted into the kingdom of it just works.

Most of the custom items in the game are found in BJ's workshop. Billy gives you the key when you accept the quest. Be sure to search around here for everything. The shotgun and the Power Armor will be found later.
The Mod Features.2 outfits, found in BJ's workshop. These can be upgraded at the armor workbench using the mod boxes in the wooden crate below where they are hanging, or by paying the appropriate ingredients at the armor station.Both outfits have a special unyielding effect that boosts stats by +9 when your health drops below 25%
They can also be upgraded using the ballistic weave perk.

Decals: The terror Billy outfit has a variety of decals including
Doom Slayer
Retro Billy
Mod Author

The Modified Ranger Mask
Comes in Hooded and none hooded variants and has several workbench options. These include
PA detect life mod
Plus 1 hacking chances and slight increase to lockpick sweet spot.
increased charisma because you look badass

The green hood is designed to go with the new order jacket the yellow for Terror Billy.

The Wolfenstein Double Barrel Shotgun.
Found later in the quest. This was my 1st experiment with a weapon so was just dipping my toe in the water, adding custom textures and editing the models of vanilla stuff. It has the legendary bloodies effect and a super shotgun rapid reload module.

The Pipe
The Wolfenstein old blood pipe. My second adventure in weapon modding. At the Work bench you can choose the short 1 handed pipe with higher critical damage or the long two handed pipe with more base damage. Both of these have their own addons.

The Decapitateor
Looted of the boss its just a mashup of Grognak's axe and a supersledge.Throwables3 flavours of grenade with custom models and a much shorter fuse than vanilla. They come in frag, cryo and nuke varieties. There are also silent throwable hatchets in wolfenstein design."Lot of things you can do with a hatchet and a nazi."Most of the above becomes craftable at the chem station after reading the magazine found in BJ's workshop

The Praetor Power Armor.
I wouldn't be surprised to find out this is why most of you are here. This is the prize for finishing the 1st quest.
 The Praetor PA does everything the x01 does and.....Hyper mobility. Movement speed and jump highet are significantly boosted for maximum mayham.Glory kill. Attacks on enemies below 10% health will gib them causing them to explode into bloody pieces.Custom Jet Pack. It's metal as fuck.The Quests.
 The mod has 2 quests (3 if you count turning your radio on as a quest) The 1st begins after you listen to "A call for help" on the radio. The 2nd begins after you defeat the 1st boss.

Upon completing the quest the Blazkowicz family settlement will become a new settlement to build on. It's relatively small but no doubt you guys can get creative with the space.FAQWell no one's actually asked me these questions yet but I'm preemptively putting this togetherWhere is BJ's bunker- In the settlement at the base of the white wooden tower. Use the key Billy gives you to get in.How do I beat Death's head? Follow the quest markers to the generator and blow it up. This will knock out his shield.How do I beat the other guy? You shoot him... a lot.Where is the entrance to the New Order Base? It's up high you'll need to take a couple of elevators and don't forget the key next to the terminal. Okay the mods been live long enough for the cat to be out of the bag so here's something else. Once you have finished the Wolfenstein main quest you activate the harbinger of doom quest and have to wear the doom power armor. You will first summon the second boss (cyber demon from doom 2016) and have to fight him. He's very tough. After he dies te icon of sin will spawn. A giant demon head. You will have a quest marker pointing at him and an objective to destroy the icon of sin. SHOOT IT. SHOOT IT WITH ANYTHING! There is a video of me shooting it. Go watch that then go shoot the icon of sin.

Big thank you for getting me into the hot files. We made the top 2. And what an honor to share the space with PMC. You guys are the best. Totally worth a year of dev time.