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Adds support for DLC and eleven modded weapons by adding them to the leveled lists of raiders, gunners and triggermen in the Commonwealth as appropriate. Many other leveled lists, such as quest reward guns, vendor lists, and ammunition lists have been updated as well.

Permissions and credits
Adds the radium rifle, lever action, harpoon gun, western revolver, meat hooks and robot melee weapons to many vanilla leveled lists.  In addition, eleven legacy Fallout weapons made by the modding community have been added as well.  Ammo leveled lists have been updated with DLC ammo (.45-70, 7.62mm, harpoons) and modded ammo (.223 and 12.7mm).

Enemy themes are not largely affected so for example the Triggermen have 10mm SMGs, Desert Eagles, and other automatic weapons in keeping with their criminal sense of style.

ALL DLC are required as well as ALL of the following mods:
Winchester P94
Caravan Shotgun
12.7mm Pistol
10mm SMG
Bullpup Bozar
Beretta M9-FS Pistol
Hunting Shotgun
Service Rifle
Desert Eagle
Light Support Weapon
M60 Light Machinegun

This mod was made as a companion or compatibility patch in a sense to my latest mod which I recommend you check out, Instaquip Settler Gear, which has a version that uses all eleven of these weapon mods as well.  With that mod you can instantly equip any settler in a full set of gear by shooting them with special laser weapons.  It's a great quality of life mod.  And if you're going to be shooting them for a unique set of gear, consider shooting them for a unique name, which can be done with my Rename Anything Random Name Generator guns.

With these mods you'll feel these weapons much more integrated into the base game and before long they will seem a native part of the ecosystem.

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