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Blocks the Drumlin Diner's windows, cleans up the mess a little, and adds sleeping bags for Trudy and her son

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Inspired by some commentary in Seamus Young's video Bethesda NEVER Understood Fallout, I mean he's right about the Drumlin Diner, open windows, no privacy, junk scattered every which way, a skeleton still in the seats, makes for a godawful place to live, so I fixed it myself, most of the steal-able junk is moved indoors, put a couple of sleeping bags for Trudy and her son, and the skeleton in the restaurant booth is removed

V2: more minor cleanup, added plywood to patch up the holes in the ceiling, an outhouse in the back and a generator mostly for decoration but also to make the diner seem like a more functional place to live

also made an .esl version available