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Adds three new beds for your settlements.

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Better Settlement Beds by Eferas

This mod will add three new and better beds to craft in your settlements! Have fun! ^^

1) Bed Sheets: a single bed with sheets on it, because the night is dark and full of terrors.. also cold, very cold..
2) Bunk Bed: bunk bed with sheets on both beds, will count as plus two in your bed's count, very useful to save space and good looking.
3) Double Bed: a double wooden bed, will count as plus two in your bed's count, very good looking. For the player's character and its partner.

There two versions now, install only one:

1) The STANDALONE version will make the beds standalone in the game, but this may conflict
with other mods adding stuff in the settlement crafting menù. If the
game crashes because of conflicts, use the replacer version.

2) The REPLACER version will replace all vault beds in the game with my
beds. Not a big deal, it's the same model with a pillow on it. You may
find some beds with two pillows if the developers added it on the bed,
again not a big deal, there are people who sleep with multiple pillows.
Use this version if the standalone doesn't work for you.

Switching between the two versions it's fine, the beds you already crafted will not disappear.

Just craft them at any settlements.

IF YOUR SETTLERS ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE LACK OF BEDS: it's not a problem from my mod, it a vanilla bug. Just scrap all of the televisions in your settlement (yes, do it) and they will stop complaining.

Manual installation: extract the archive, copy/past the esp file in your data folder, then activate it with NMM or any other program you use to activate esp files.
NMM: just download and let NMM do its thing.

Manual: delete all the files added by this mod.
NMM: let NMM do its thing.


- Dominik93's Working Food Planters.

This mod was made with FO4EDIT. Thanks guys for creating this tool.
Thanks a lot to Elianora for adding pillows to my beds. :D

If you are downloading this mod from any site other than www.nexusmods.com, then you are most likely downloading an old and outdated version of the mod with malware and virus added to it.

You can't upload this mod anywhere and before using the assets from this mod you must ask for permission. If you want to create a compatibility patch for another mod or a translation you can do it, but send me a PM with a link so I can add it to the description.