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Transfer Settlement Blueprint for Oberland Station. Built using only main game and DLC items.

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Vanilla blueprint for Oberland Station using only main game and DLC items.  This is not a large settlement with all amenities, but rather a stopover for supplies with 12 beds, a clinic, weapon shop, and bar.

This uses Slot #26 of Transfer Settlements.  Please download manually if you already have a blueprint in that slot or just want to assign it to a different slot.

Prior to import, just scrap some of the trees and branches along the property line.  The farm and existing fencing was left untouched.

Setup and Stability:  For a stable settlement after importing, I head to a distance interior location such as one of the Commonwealth Express Courier Stations.  Once inside I save my game, exit, log back in, sleep for three days, and visit the settlement.

Known Issue:  Oberland Station has some odd behavior when you build behind the settlement workbench.  This blueprint places two vendors in that area.  Occasionally, you may find one of them not offering to sell.  Returning another time usually resolves it or you can try reassigning to something else and back again.  Also, if you intend to scrap or build on that side, you might find items in the settlement menu greyed out not allowing you.  If you close the settlement menu, walk directly in front of the workbench, open the settlement menu from there and then walk back to the north area, you should be able to build/scrap again. This is just based on my personal experience with this weird little settlement over the past couple years.