Fallout 4
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A hermit's cabin next to a pond.

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I noticed something what looks like a small pond on the map, just north of the Forgotten Church. Was disappointed that you can't reach it, and decided to put a settlement there. More than anything else, this is a proof-of-concept of a settlement outside the regular world border. Please make sure you read this mod page carefully! Especially the "Compatibility" section!

  • Fully functional settlement, which should function like any other.
  • ESL-Flagged ESP.
  • Extended the world border westwards in order to make the location reachable.
  • Navmeshed the now-accessible cells.
  • Fixed some issues with the landscape in the previously unreachable area.
  • Regenerated precombines for the workshop area.
  • Made sure objects like some rocks, trees or shrubs are not included in the precombines (you might still need Scrap Everyting or PlaceAnywhere to actually target them)
  • Scrap-linked some objects together (Mostly shrubs to nearby trees)
  • Created a (mostly) accurate visual border for the workshop.

Make sure you have a save before you try this mod!
Install with your favorite mod manager.
Place near the bottom of your load order.
Make sure the mod works for you before committing to it.

See also this article for common issues with settlement mods.

This mod touches A LOT of cells. These are mostly previously unreachable cells, but not all of them. Mods which affect the Forgotten Church, or the area north of it, might require patches.

There is a slight conflict with Children of Ug-Qualtoth. A patch is included in the FOMOD installer.

I found this project which maps Fallout locations to the real-world map. North of the marker for the Forgotten Church, Waushakum Pond seemed to me like the closest thing to the in-game location.