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Join Cade and Kelan, two survivors of the Whitman Family Fallout Shelter, on their hunt to find their long lost sisters. Infiltrate a slaver compound and fight your way to the top of the food chain. This fully voice-acted quest mod features five quests with a colorful cast of characters. Free the slaves and prove yourself to Katarina.

Permissions and credits
Cade and Kelan: A Tale of Two Twins
A Fallout 4 Mod By culinwino
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Cade and Kelan - A Tale of Two Twins tells the story of Cade and Kelan Wright, two survivors of the Whitman Family Fallout Shelter. They have returned to the Commonwealth to find the truth about what happened after they left the shelter. A chance encounter with Katarina, an operative from Saxon's Cobras, will set the stage for an adventure to find and save Cade and Kelan's younger sisters, Lorie and Gale.

In Cade and Kelan - A Tale of Two Twins, you and the twins will take part in an undercover operation that takes place in a slaver compound located just outside of the Commonwealth. To survive, you'll need to learn how to defend yourself and fight your way to the top of the food chain. Will you free the slaves and save Lorie and Gale?

This mod adds...
  • 5 new quests
  • A variety of new characters, along with some friendly faces from the past, all fully voice acted
  • A slaver compound with several interiors to explore and fight through
  • Several challenging scripted boss fights
  • Yet again... an alien!

Getting Started:
  • When the mod is loaded, you will receive a message that will point you toward The Third Rail in Goodneighbor.
  • Cade and Kelan - A Tale of Two Twins features several intense combat sequences and challenging boss fights that may prove too difficult for lower-level characters. Recommended Level: 25+

  • Base Fallout 4 Game
  • It is strongly recommended to have played my previous quest mods Outlaws of the Commonwealth and The Whitman Family Fallout Shelter  before playing this mod. This mod serves as a direct sequel to both of those mods, and may contain story elements and characters that you might be unfamiliar with, unless you have played the previous mods. There will be at least 3 more quest mods in this series, all of which continue the story of the previous quest mods I have released.
  • If you wish to hop right in and play the mod without playing the previous mods in the series, or if you wish to refresh yourself on the story up to this point, an optional .txt file can be downloaded, which will provide background information for the story.

  • I am committed to releasing bug fixes for this quest mod as necessary. I will be providing long-term support for this mod and will strive to maintain communication with users of this mod and promptly fix bugs.
  • All bug reports and feedback are welcome.
  • If you enjoyed the mod, please leave a comment letting me know what you enjoyed about it. If not, please let me know how I can improve in the future. I am always looking for constructive feedback so I can create the best experience possible.

  • This mod features a lot of melee combat! Having perks that increase your melee weapon damage will definitely give you an advantage in many of the fights.
  • Talk to named NPCs! Each NPC has special dialogue depending on where you're at in the story. They may provide hints or add context to the story.
  • When the time is right, be sure to place all of your belongings in the trunk. This prevents a million "item has
  • been removed" messages from appearing, which may be irritating to some players.
  • Be sure to follow all instructions given to you by the slavers closely. One small misstep may lead to them becoming hostile.
  • Low on health but don't have any stimpaks? Try one of the many water fountains located around the compound for healing!
  • This mod shouldn't have any incompatibilities with other mods, unless they greatly modify vanilla areas used by this mod (The Third Rail, Fairline Hill Estates).
  • Because this mod is a sequel and assumes you have played the previous quest mods in the series, it is recommended to have past and future Fallout 4 quest mods of mine to be disabled, as plot irregularities could occur if done out of order. More information on that coming soon.

1.1 - 4/5/2020
  • Fixed a major bug preventing the player from progressing at the end of the first and fifth quests
  • Fixed the in-game hour shifting too abruptly in certain places
  • Fixed awkward script delays breaking immersion
  • Made several dialogue scripting changes
  • Adjusted audio level for radio announcements
  • Several minor dialogue changes
  • Several small bug fixes and tweaks

1.0 - 3/26/2020
  • Initial Release

Story, Scripting, and Level Design: culinwino

Playtesting: TheOveratedOne

McLeroy by culinwino

Ending Music by Cyrus224

Cade - "Dallas"
Kelan - culinwino
Katarina - TheOveratedOne
Leslie - Sputnik404
Lorie - culinwino
Zaxby - culinwino
Cane - culinwino
McLeroy - PerilousPeanut
Slave Arrivals Guard - culinwino
Announcer - culinwino
Alyiesyslson Zthoffeeweenabaoutem - culinwino
Flaming Justice - culinwino
Bar Guy - culinwino
Saxon - culinwino
Robotic Voice - Natural Reader UK Charles

Cheering and Whistle by RoivasUGO is licenced under CC 3.0