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Transmitting from scenic Roxbury and covering the entire Boston Metro area, we're blasting the finest Swing and Big Band hits! If you dig Harry, Ella, Glenn, & Louis (both of them!), then tune in and enjoy!

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Somewhere beneath the shattered streets of Roxbury, in an airless hole with broken walls and flickering lights, a long-forgotten machine toils in oblivious solitude. Old World voices call out to Boston-transformed, the after-hours broadcast playing an endless loop, awaiting the morning DJ who will never return. One day, the cores will run dry, and the voices will be silenced, forever. But for now, WRAR will continue to provide melodious comfort to world-weary wastelanders.

WRAR is a carefully curated selection of 100 Big Band and Swing hits (with just a touch of Blues and Jazz) covering a period from the late 30s to the early 60s that marked the pinnacle of that genre. That's over 5 hours of music. The primary criteria for inclusion were 1) Lore-Friendliness and 2) compatibility with each other. Oh, and they had to be songs I'd willingly listen to over and over and over again. These songs are similar to what you would hear on Diamond City Radio, minus the Jump Blues and Rockabilly. There are a couple instrumentals but also a strong bias toward songs with vocals. I am a huge fan of the mods "More Where That Comes From" and "Elvani's Track Pack", and have (hopefully) avoided overlap with any songs found in those mods, on DCR, RNV, or GNR. FWIW, I'm also a big fan of "Atomic Radio", but I'm still looking for their playlist.

Included, just for flavor, is about 3 1/2 minutes (all total) of lore-friendly DJ chatter, popping up every half-hour or so.  This was recorded by an experienced voice actor on professional-grade equipment (not me on my gaming mic like I tried at first). The DJ serves up PSAs, adverts, sports & weather to immersively set the station in the Fallout universe version of Boston on the night before the bombs fell.  See the "Videos" tab for a sample. Or, if you'd rather not, there's the optional "without DJ" variant, which is the exact same thing, but (you guessed it) without the DJ.

WRAR comes with a workshop-buildable radio object (looks just like the stock radios), pre-tuned to RadioActive Radio. It can be found under "Decorations -> Miscellaneous" or, maybe, "Decorations -> Mods - Miscellaneous", depending upon whether or not you're running Workshop Rearranged (which I highly recommend).

An optional (short) quest mod was added with version 2.0, packaged separately. If you don't want quests with your radio mods, feel free to ignore it. Even if you do choose to give it a try, it has been built as an "ESL" (light plugin) so it won't take up a precious ESP slot in your load order. It includes support for (but not a requirement for) "Canary Save File Monitor" to help detect and troubleshoot instances of a certain base game bug.

Have you ever wondered where the music was coming from, or how it managed to keep coming? Now, with "Old World Swing", you can find out, plus get to know the whole WRAR gang a little better to boot. Rescue the station from its own little energy crisis and walk away assured that the Show Will Go On! Requires the base radio mod, version 2.x.x+. Heads up: This is a clue driven mod, with nary a quest marker to be found. It's not that long so it won't kill ya to look around a little bit but, if you get stuck, you can find a summary of all relevant clues by hitting the "Summary" hotkey ("C" for most PC users) in the quest log.  There is also a list of incremental spoilers in this article.

Big list. Check out the article. You can also listen via Spotify to the "working" version of the playlist. And, for your added enjoyment, here's a YouTube version of the playlist that also includes the DJ announcements. Also has kewl pictures, some that move.

None, so far. My documentation skilz are just that awesome. But I wanted you to know I'll be posting them here when\if they happen.

  • I strongly recommend using "Reneer's Radio Mod" with RadioActive Radio. This awesome mod will allow you to set normal settlement radios (pre-existing or built) to this station (or any other). I find the Pip-boy managed setting to work best.
  • A heavily modded game runs the risk of radio station overlap. The precise frequency I set (109.92) for this station would make that unlikely, but not impossible. If it ever happens, let me know and I'll publish another version of the station with a different precise frequency.
  • Hitting the "Summary" hotkey ("C" for most PC users) while viewing a quest in your Pip-Boy will display additional information about the quest stage you are currently on. This works for all quests but is particularly helpful for "Old World Swing", which will list all currently applicable clues.
  • Consider installing Canary Save File Monitor to detect and help troubleshoot issues related to a certain corrupted save issue that might impact you.

I was previously contemplating doing something more ambitious, but I couldn't figure out how to animate the flying monkeys, and Keanu Reeves issued a restraining order, so that's a bust. Hopefully, what we have now is good enough. But seriously, this thing is pretty much feature complete - I really can't imagine what else I could add, but I'll be around to fix bugs and maybe swap out songs that are found to overlap with other widely used Radio mods.

I probably won't add radio plays or random play - they aren't the focus of this mod.

For a brief and shining moment, when the mod was new, it was considered "Hot" by some. Despite many improvements made since then, that moment has passed. This is an allegory for my life.

I deem compatibility issues between WRAR (the radio station) and other mods to be unlikely, but not impossible. The most likely point of conflict would probably be radio frequency, but cell editing conflicts are at least technically plausible. I'm maintaining a list of mods cleared of, or confirmed to be, compatibility concerns in this article. If you use another mod with a radio station of either kind (conflicting or not), I'd appreciate a PM to that effect. I'll add your results to the list and mention you in the article credits.

Now that I've added a quest feature, the possibility of conflict with other mods is a bit higher, but I am not currently aware of any. When and if I am, I'll note them in the conflict article.

This mod was initially modeled after junior99au's and shadowslasher410 's "PipPOD STANDALONE Radio" and loganmelott211's "2029 Radio- Pipboy Custom Radio".
Much thanks to RadioactiveNuke for his excellent tutorial, particularly on how to use the Creation Kit.
The quest mod would probably never have happened without abundant help from the Sim Settlements modding community.
Built using xEdit, MultiXwm, & Audacity. Among others.