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Compatibility patch for Everyone's Best Friend (EBF) and version 2.1.0 of the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch (UFO4P). Both modify the same Papyrus script files causing one to override the corrections of the other. This mod merges the script changes.

Permissions and credits
Assuming UFO4P and EBF are correctly installed, EBF will 'overrule' two scripts of UFO4P during the loading process of FO4:
  • followersscript.psc
  • Hardcore\hc_managerscript.psc

Overruling these scripts invalidates the following bug fixes in UFO4P (as of v2.1.0):
  • 20604: hc_managerscript - Cannot call Dispel() on a None object
  • 20606: hc_managerscript - Cannot call show() on a None object
  • 20812: FollowersScript - cannot call "XYZ" on a none object
  • 22189: FollowersScript - Issue with handling of SAS triggers and SAE clutter triggers
  • 23092: FollowersScript - Cannot call HasKeyword() on a None object
  • 23394: SF_WorkshopDogmeatWhileBuild_0019C5D1: Array has 128 elements out of a maximum of 128...
  • 24382: FollowersScript: Cannot call myLocation() on a None object
  • 26179: SF_MQ302Min_Preston_ChargePl_0011386A: Cannot call MoveTo() on a None object

In addition it reintroduces spacefiddle's bug fix for companion idle chatterspam which has already been corrected in UFO4P in a different way (see bugfix #21994).

*** followersscript.psc ***
1. Take followersscript.psc from UFO4P and load it in your favorite Papyrus script editor
2. In the editor, find the function SetCompanion
3. In the editor, remove or comment out the following code:
    DismissDogmeatCompanion(ShowLocationAssignmentListIfAvailable = true, SuppressDismissMessage = false)
4. In the editor, find the function SetDogmeatCompanion
5. In the editor, remove or comment out the following code:
    Actor CompanionActor = Companion.GetActorReference()
    if CompanionActor
        DismissCompanion(CompanionActor, ShowLocationAssignmentListIfAvailable = true, SuppressDismissMessage = false)
6. In the editor, save the changes to followersscript.psc
7. Use the FO4 Creadion Kit to compile followersscript.psc in Release Final mode

*** Hardcore\hc_managerscript.psc ***
8. Take hc_managerscript.psc from UFO4P and load it in your favourite Papyrus script editor
9. In the editor, find the group CompanionHealing
10. In the editor, at the end of the group add the following code:
    bool Property IsDownCompanion = False Auto
    bool Property IsDownDogmeat = False Auto
    bool Property IsDownRobot = False Auto
11. In the editor, save the changes to hc_managerscript.psc
12. Use the FO4 Creadion Kit to compile hc_managerscript.psc in Release Final mode

Use your favorite mod manager and load after EBF and UFO4P


Sources included

♦ The Unofficial Patch Project Team for UFO4P
♦ Valdacil for EBF