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Just do it in a s1mple way.

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Via Vortex, NMM, MO or just copy and paste.

Instructions and Features: 

Re-edit those .50 conversion Tier-3 'MoreDamage' receivers to make them change cartridge no more, only boost the damage with 0.75 mutiply. Such edits are also featured in my previous work New Calibers Keywords Expansion - Beta
Rename the special receiver 'S1mple Receiver' which is dedictated to one of the best snipers of CSGO in the world. The receiver has got a buff of steady aim when scopes mounted and gets the damage multiply changed to 0.75 too. 


The base damage of the weapon is boosted onto 45, that is a treatment to full-power battle rifle mods of me. If you consider the damage is too overpowered, edit by yourself via FO4Edit. 


Vanilla Mod: 

First one, as always, goes to my girlfriend. Her patience towards the fact that she is seeing my back most of the time never stops to amaze me :D;
Hitman47101 - for the permission to use his animations;
Ajhakra and WarDaddy - for the permission to use their fantastic McMillan CS5 animations.
Millenia and TheRizzler1 - I was learning most of the modding stuff from their fantastic tutorials;
CorrundaGaming - for creating compatibility patch for VIS-G;
All the people writing comments and uploading images - you are awesome!

New Calibers Patch: 

BrowncoatGarrus for New Calibers.
Me for those minor 'odds and ends' FO4Edit works.
Aleksander Olegovich Kostylev(Romanisation of Russian, Romanisation of Ukrainian is Oleksandr Olegovich Kostyliev) aka s1mple for inspiration