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Fully functioning vault settlement. Works with Sim Settlements, and allows fast travel in and out like for Vault 88, once it's been discovered.

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This makes Vault 118 into a fully functioning settlement. Now works fine with my Vault 75 Settlement mod.


* Both normal supply lines and Logistics Center supply lines (Sim Settlements) work fine.
* The settlement recruits settlers, and can have settlers sent to it from other places, even the Commonwealth. They do take time to arrive however.
* When not working the settlers roam all around the vault, very organic. The security settlers do this too.

* Fast Travel both in and out is working, once the location has been discovered.
* The mod in no way affects the "Brain Dead" quests in this location, though you will need to complete that quest before you can access the new area (you need the key).
* The Overseer's logs have been added to to flesh out the story and explain the new area of the vault
* There is a generous build area in the new section. This is NOT a copy of the Vault 88 area; I made it from scratch and I'm very happy with it. Should provide some interesting challenges.
* The whole vault is fully navmeshed and extensively tested. In the build cave only the flat areas are navmeshed to prevent settlers or followers being caught on rocks or the like.
* There are 4 beige lockers that dispense Vault 118 suits and pipboys. Two are in the foyer and two are in the added shower room.
* Pearl's shop works fine with the settlement; nice to have a general store so handy!
* All floor surfaces can be built on and all items in the vault can be scrapped except the Overseer's terminal. I may have missed one or two things, hopefully not.
* The dead Ezra Parker robobrain can also be scrapped, as can the blue "FenceBuster" baseball bat, I recommend only doing this after the quest is completed.
* Some things had to be deleted like the car crane and the dozer in the cave next to the carport; there was no way to make these scrappable.
* SCRAP EVERYTHING is NOT really needed for this mod unless you want to clean up the trash piles in the disused sections of the Vault.
* Mod has been cleaned using FO4edit.


* THIS MOD NOW WORKS FINE WITH MY VAULT 75 SETTLEMENT MOD. Thanks heaps to SpeedyNL for the fix on this.

* The settlement seems to recruit "mainland" settlers; they don't have the island specific dialogue that settlers of the original island settlements have. You can however send those Island settlers to Vault 118 and vice versa.

* No matter what I tried I couldn't make the large wall mounted paintings scrappable. It was either leave them there or remove them; I chose to leave them because I like how they look.

* I couldn't make Julianna Riggs scrappable without damaging the quest so where ever she ends up when you kill her is where she will stay.