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A New Vegas style Sierra Madre Security Armor to replace the mediocre vanilla Vault Security Armors. First mod to make all Vault Security armors available in-game.

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"What is this?"
A New Vegas style Sierra Madre Security Armor to replace the mediocre vanilla Vault Security Armors. You can wear arm and leg armors with these, customize the decals on the front, and change the numbers on the back. There are legendary keywords applied so it will be compatible with mods that add Legendary craft-ability. The base meshes are vanilla, building the outfit within BodySlide will replace the vanilla meshes with CBBE for females or Super Hero Bodies for males if you download the SHB optional file. Options are in FOMOD to make installation easier for everyone. Replacer or Standalone, Both versions can be used together, and all plugins are ESL-flagged. Requires AWKCR.

I provided a buff to the armor's defensive stats to make it viable in late-game, as some vaults won't be accessible until you've progressed your character past the point of the vanilla armors' usability. Comparable to Heavy Combat Armor Torso stats.

"That's cool and all, but where do I get these suckers?"
 Replacements can be found in hand-placed, lore-friendly containers inside the Overseer's offices of every vault in the base game and Vault 118 (FH), Vault 88's container will be just outside the vault door, so as to not be inside the build zone where you could potentially scrap it by accident. Vault 81 security personnel will be wearing vault 81 armors, vault 111 security personnel in Pre-War will be wearing vault 111 armors. All containers in the offices will have 5 unique armors for that vault and 5 vanilla Vault-Tec security helmets to go with them. I did this so you can equip your settlers for RP scenarios. If you use the Replacer version and have Armorsmith Extended, you can craft the vault 111, vault 81, and Covenant armors at the Armorsmith Workbench. 

Standalone versions will be available to craft at a chem station.

You can only change the numbers on the back of Non-Unique armors, if it says "Vault (insert # here) Armor" in your Pip-Boy, you will not be able to change the number. 

"This looks familiar"
This is a continuation and improvement of my Better Vault-Tec Security Armor, which was a CBBE conversion for a file of which the author has since removed from Bethesda.net and Nexus. Consider my BVTSA mod deprecated in it's current state, and this mod to be where I maintain all progress, if any, moving forward.

ShinKungFuMan for the base meshes and textures.