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Should resolve the crashes in Fallout VR

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the mod Izhmash SV-98 Sniper Rifle by NovaFinch crashes in VR. I altered some meshes so it is usable.

This is only a crude workaround, i used Vanilla Assests to replace some parts of the meshes.

My mod only contains meshes as loose files, so it is save to uninstall.

You still need to change the header in xedit to 0.95 (see here https://www.reddit.com/r/fo4vr/comments/egy2be/how_to_make_new_mods_working_with_fallout_4_vr/ ) and i am unsure if it needs the position fix (headset broken at the moment, so can't check).

There is an optional file if you see a strange black bar on the barrel. It is part of the original mod, my guess is it is also a shader problem. The optional file only makes it invisible.

Thx NovaFinch for permission
xedit team for cedit
and the guys behind nifskope