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Adds 5 new levels of ballistic weave that don't require the Railroad unlock.

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  • Italian
Ballistic Weave is undeniably a game changer, but what if you don't support the Railroad?  Why is that entire mod-slot locked to one faction-perk?

This mod introduces 5 non-Railroad weaves:
  • Rubber Weave - 10 physical resist/10 energy resist
  • Leather Weave (req. Armorer 1) - 40 physical/40 energy
  • Fiberglass Weave (req. Armorer 2) - 60 physical/60 energy
  • Ceramic Plating (req. Armorer 3) - 80 physical/80 energy
  • Polymer Plating (req. Armorer 4) - 95 physical/95 energy

THIS IS STANDALONE!  It ADDS NEW WEAVE OPTIONS!  It DOES NOT change default weaves, and DOES NOT change which items can have weaves.

It should work with mods that allow all clothing to have Ballistic Weave. I'm using Armorsmith Extended http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2228/? and it works on everything.