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My first mod for Fallout 4, the Gunslinger Outfits - with these You can feel better the .45 Colt in your hand.
There are 18 combinations of clothes for real post nuclear cowboy, 9 for male and 9 for female.
Theres also a white hat and remodelled lite leather torso for male and female that fits better with the outfits than original.

Permissions and credits
For now the items are only accesable via console "~" have plans to do level list or rather place them in the box somewhere all.

To get these items, you need to type "~" in game to access the console

then type: help "Drifter" 4

pressing 'Page Up' or 'Page Down' key You can search for item IDs.

then type: player.additem [Item ID] 1  (without [ ] )

for get the torso you need to type:  help "gunslinger torso" 4

for get the cowboys white hat type:  help "sombrero blanco" 4