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The Institute has won. The airport Is barren, save for the ruins of the once great Prydwen.... Now, The institute expands to the commonwealth.

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The Institute is in a new position. They now have an outsider as their leader, who is quite efficient. This has also encouraged other scientists to learn about the surface and how they could rebuild mankind. but they lack a means of gathering knowledge from the world above, or any outposts there at all. That's why they made the Institute Field Lab. It is meant to be operated by synths and occasionally visited by scientists. It also serves as a good home for the director, when he needs a base above ground. 

The Sole Survivor of my story uses this base also as an area for those in the commonwealth to restock and resupply, giving supplies of water and food and even weapons to those who are willing to work with the Institute as associates.

Real Description
The Institute Field lab is an institute themed settlement based in The Boston Airport. It has six rooms in total. Each room is empty with exception for the elevator and a institute clock in the right bottom room of the facility.

Feel free to customize this build and send me pictures! I'd love to see what you guys can do with it! 

NOTICE: I won't be updating or doing changes this file. I just wanted to leave it here for everyone!