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Allows you to progress through the nuka world quest "Open Season" without losing ownership of your Conqueror settlements

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Update: the latest Sim Settlements Nukaworld Patch seems to fix this issue
although i'm keeping this up just in case

The problem:

after you start killing nuka world raiders to progress through the open season quest you lose ownership of all settlements that belong to one of the 3 nuka world factions, the problem is that you also lose ownership of factions from conqueror!


while playing with conqueror i thought the "Nukaworld Patch" present in the conqueror optional files would fix this open season issue, well i was wrong, while looking into this apparently its a know issue not yet fixed? the only solution seems to be just not do this quest, or retake all your settlements back after, as the settlements will not be hostile toward you

The solution:

all i did was comment out the line from 2 nuka world scripts that handled kicking you out of the settlements, its really simple! no vanilla scripts were edited only dlc ones, so usual being kicked out for low happiness or whatever doesn't have anything to do with these scripts


DO NOT use this IF you actually have a settlement that belongs to one of the nuka world raiders, you will forever own a settlement that keeps attacking you and might cause some crazy issues that i'm not going to help you with, use this ONLY if you dont have nuka world settlements, and is doing a pure conqueror run, but wanted to kill the competition