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A custom.ini file that contains what I believe to be a nice immersive preset for a alternative first person camera.

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Hello, this mod/edit of the ini file is a continuation of another mod First personish(er) camera, but with fixes and settings that I personally believe to be better and also fix some other issues.

So what does this do?
It changes the Third person camera into a zoomable first person camera that allows you to see you're legs, shadow and arms while running and walking and standing. I also made to sure to make it so that the third person camera isn't completely messed up and will work on it more in the next version. 

So whats new in this version compared to First Personisher camera? Well for one barely any clipping. While running if you were to look down you would see through your legs but in this version I did my best to fix it. On top of that while running and looking down you can see you're arms to add a bit more immersion. Also another big issue was that when running to close to a wall or object the camera would clip through it as the camera was moved forward. Well I fixed that. 

So you can't see you're full body so why should you use this? Well personally being able to see you're legs and you're shadow while running around the wasteland is actually pretty amazing, you feel like you are a physical being in the wasteland as in normal first person you're just floating without a body and shadow.

Another big question I'm sure you might have is, what of combat? Well that is a issue but I do have an answer. 


What is SACS? 

Its a mod that allows you to without hassle make it so that when you take your weapon out to switch to a different camera mode. So with Immersive First person camera settings you can quickly switch to a proper first person camera in combat and when you're done switch back by holstering you're gun. Simple and easy.

Personally I don't pay much attention to my body and such while in combat, I'm too focused on the enemy so its a nice compromise I think. This mod won't be for everyone I'm sure, but its a work in progress and I think this is a good step in the right direction. This isn't for the people who want a Alternative to an Enhanced Camera mod though as Seeing your body is minimal. It's just to boost the immersion and make your character feel more apart of the world.

NOTE: There will be major clipping when sitting in chairs and going in and out of power armor, I would suggest when doing both that you zoom out.