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Laser, Plasma, Gamma and Alien Blaster Pistol sounds remade + Optional Gauss Rifle Sound.

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Energy Weapon sounds
This mod remakes the Laser Musket sounds(All 4 charges), the laser and institute rifle + pistol(They share the same files), the Plasma Rifle, Plasma Scatter, Plasma Sniper Rifle, Gamma Gun and Alien Blaster Pistol.
The Laser Rifle sound is the same as my other mod, but everything else has been remade from the ground up.

I am not satisfied with the Laser Musket, but it is a pain in the ass to create something that sounds like a laser rifle but has to have that ye-olde feeling to it.

1.1 Adds VATS sounds - Also VATSAlternate in Optional files.
1.2 Adds NPC update Patch to Laser Rifle(Not institute Rifle as it is bugged and cannot be fixed without the GECK), Laser Musket and Plasma Rifle in CLOSE RANGE, long range remains the same, for now.
1.3 Adds Plasma Scatter gun and long range sound - Plasma Patch removed and Plasma Rifle Only file updated with everything Plasma. It's all very gooey.
Added lowered bass version -  Musket charge 5 + 6 remade to eliminate bass.
1.4 Adds Full Auto Sounds to the Laser Rifle, Laser Pistol and Plasma Rifle with VATS and NPCs included.
Added Reduced Bass Version under Optional Files.
1.4.1 Patches the Laser Rifle to hopefully avoid crash, as the sound for the effected files have been fixed to the best of my ability, if the patch does not work, then it is a problem with the path to the files, because Laser Weaponry by default is bugged when it comes to sounds.
1.5 Adds Alien Blaster Pistol(No NPC sound) and Gamma Gun Sounds to the mod, the Gamma Gun is a work in progress and has NO Full Auto Sound, yet.
  - Added new Pistol Sounds under "Optional". 2.1: Increased output by 5db(They are louder now).
1.6 Adds the New Laser Pistol sounds + HiTech Turret sounds(Laser Turrets).

Standalone sound updates:
Gauss Rifle added to Misc. files, firing sound and VATSAlternate( WARNING: VATSAlternate will replace all Gunpowder Rifles VATS sounds aswell )
Video link preview. 

Repulsor Sound FX
added to Misc. files for the Laser Rifle for those of you who downloaded icemocolo's Iron Man textures for the X-01 Power Armor!
Not my greatest work, but you try extracting Repulsor sounds that doesn't have music or debris flying everywhere =P
(I claim permission to use these Repulsor sounds under the "Fair Use" right of Copyrighted materials, as I am not earning money off of this mod and have no intensions to)
1.1 Added Reload sounds. FIXED Reload sounds, download the newest file. The dumbass I am, I forgot to convert them properly, they work now though.

If there is something you feel I missed, or something you would like added, feel free to leave a note in the comment section and I will see if it is possible for me to do =)

Future Plans:
Have bought Far Harbor and Nuka World. Will look into making new sounds for the energy weapons(If any) are in these packs.

[Gatling Laser CANCELED for now, it simply fires to fast to be able to make a sound that doesn't cause your cat to scream and jump and latch unto the ceiling every time you fire it]

Normal ini edits needed.
(Nexus Mod Manager makes these edits for you)

Remove mod:
Delete the files from the sound/fx/wpn folder

None that I know of.

Q: Why Sounds no work?
A: You didn't add the sound line to the ini file as listed above.

Q: Why didn't you do X instead of Y? I like X more!
A: Because I like Y, and it being my mod, I made it to my specs.

Q: I hate you random mod maker on the internet, whom I have never met or seen before! And your sounds sound stupid! And I am going to tell you everywhere I can.
A: Okay.

Q: I will not download your mod! What do you think of that?
A: It is okay Mr. Special Snowflake, I know my sounds are not for everyone.
Also, you do realise that I can see your download history, and can see you did actually download it, right?

Q: Is there going to be more updates?
A: Maybe, however, I need to buy the DLC first to be able to extract and make sounds for the new weapons.
(Yes, I make them, I do not steal them from another game)

Q: Can you change Y so it doesn't do Z? Pretty please?
A: Probably, depends on the time required, and if I have the materials to do it.

Q: These laser sounds sound NOTHING like laser weapons! They suck!
A: Current laser technology has no sound upon firing. But if you want me to do realistic laser sounds, I can upload a blank sound file?

Q: These Plasma weapon sounds sound NOTHING like plasma weapons! They suck!
A: Plasma is currently only available in science fiction, and as such, there is currently no knowledge on how a plasma weapon would sound upon firing.


Enjoy the mod.