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This mod will add the Wishes Of Sorrow ornament from destiny for the thorn to your fallout 4 game.

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This mod requires nuka world for now
This mod will add the Thorn to the fallout world, it includes limited upgrades for a few reasons witch will be fixed shortly.
it features animated textures yeah that's right animated textures see gif below.
for now it shoots 45cal and will be changed later on.
it is sitting on Wardaddys Da revolver anims its also uses his 360 equip animation as well.
also i have the proper sight for it i have to figure out a texture problem before it will work tho for now it has a temp dot sight.

This one is quick and simple :P i gave it to cricket.. you can either go find her or console command it in. don't ask me how a head like her got a hold of a gun like this she just did.. and it just woks.. or console command it in what ever floats your boat.

Poison damage receivers - Next weekend 
Custom sounds - Next weekend
Custom FX and spike projectile - some time in the up coming months
Fix muzzle flash (need to separate barrel first) - Next weekend
adding all 4 variants of the gun, aka ROSE, LUMINA, THORN, and of course WISHES OF SORROW 
^^upcoming weeks, months you'll have 2 more by next month probably^^
a small quest where you get one variant and have to find/build the others - mid 2020ish :P i got other plans for other things.

i code i - Mesh work, texture work, original ESP work basically without him it would not be done nor half as cool.
Little Light - screen shots also special thanks to him for asking i code i and my self to help him make this mod.
Neto - screen shots.
Adshield - screen shots.
heroic pie - screen shots.
Wardaddy - for the anims, sounds and for letting me use his mod/assets to complete this mod.
JLoughlen - model rip
Bunige for the assets used.
if i left anyone out please let me know and if you are posted in the credits and would like your account linked let me know and send me the link.