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Adds a left handed boxing glove, to box a deathclaw with.

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Hang in there Mac!

Adds a left handed boxing glove so you can knock out Super Mutants with style!

Adds a left handed boxing glove as an armor item.
* Can be crafted at the chemlab for a right glove.
* Might be a few scattered around the old North End Boxing Gym.
* Uses wedding ring armor slot.

Recommend using NMM,and install as any other mod.

 v1.2 Cleaned up the glove, should be spot on now!

* Convert to weapon so there's extra damage.
* Clean up glove a bit.
* Identify and fix numerous melee animations so we dont see them fingers.
* Boxing shorts and boots, so we can play Fallout like its Punch out.
* Add boxing animations.
* Add sorting patches, AWKCR support

Misc Info
Let me know of any mods you would like a compatibility patch for.
Made with FO4Edit and the CK.

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As always - Any comments, bugs, or suggestions always welcomed.