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Vault-Tec DLC clean up, expansion and optimization overhaul. View the change log for details.

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Vault 88 - Strip and Polish

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that this mod is by no means in it's completed form. Also, this is not a concept that is going from paper to game. It is most definitely evolving in my mind as I edit. Areas from version to version might look entirely different, as they have through this entire progression. I make no guarantees. It is being offered AS IS and you should only attempt to build to it's capacity if you know your machine can handle the added loads of the vault's enlargement. Save often.  And lastly, thanks for taking an interest. YOU being here is much appreciated. Have fun and be kind to one another!

Version 4

I, once again, have decided to start from scratch. Reasons being, 1. I thought that requiring you to use the alternate exits was to much to ask, and 2. I didn't want the headache of messing around with the molerat tunnels attached to the subway station. So, I've started over and used said subway tunnel to extend up to the main entrance where I've added another station. The outer entrance has been completely remodeled. There are several rooms added, including a holding area and interrogation room to the security office. A screening classroom with an adjacent room, either for storage or as an instructor's office (I'll make that decision when I start furnishing.) There is also a full fledged diner with an integrated kitchen and lavatory, a large clinic as well as several cubical rooms which most likely will become apartments/hotel rooms. And so commences version 4. Enjoy!

There will be issues with companions and NPCs falling through the floor in the first few revisions since I won't be editing the navmesh until I've completed the vault's layout. This is not a bug or an oversight. I just wanted to provide the vault as a WIP so you can watch it evolve and possibly give suggestions. I am not opposed to requests :)

Change Log:

  • Replaced gurneys in the clinic with Institute beds, one of which is populated with a wounded NPC marker.
  • Removed divider curtains.
  • Added ceiling hospital lights.
  • Added x-ray light boxes as well as a clinic shop NPC holding clipboard marker, 2 NPC repairing panels markers for immersive effect because one of the boxes flickers. 


  • Started clearing out the Main Sector.
  • Added stools at the diner's bar.
  • Added desks to the classroom.
  • Added gurneys to the clinic.

  • Added vault doors to first and second floors.
  • Furnished the diner's bathroom.
  • Started furnishing the diner and it's kitchen.
  • Adjusted many pieces that were askew.

  • Extended and furnished security holding cells, providing 12 beds linked to the workshop for Clem and 11 of his friends.
  • Fixed several pieces that were Z fighting.
  • Changed mismatched corner in the diner's kitchen.
  • Added communal showers.