Fallout 4
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About this mod

USP 45 new model in this mod, Mod added a variety of tactical knives
Tribute to Call of Duty:MW Series
In the action, only reload action and knife holding action are imitated from Call of Duty: MW series,
Other actions are all my own original make,,Many actions can be selected from the MCM menu

Permissions and credits
F4se is required. Game version above v1.10.114 - Last version(optimum)
[ compatible lower versions ] v1.10.114 - v1.9.4 !!!

Install the complete F4SE, corresponding to your game version. 

Normally there will be a lot of pex files in [ data/scripts ] Folder :
Actor.pex \ ActorBase.pex \ Armor.pex \ ArmorAddon.pex \ Cell.pex .......................................UI.pex \ WaterType.pex \ Weapon.pex

my video:

How to get:
Chemlab > _usp 45

About kill Points & Reward of Knife killing : 
1.the [ 2-3 kill points ] is Reward for Knife killing, (no shoot only knife kill)
2.If you only use usp45 shoot(no Knife killing), it will be 1 kill point

All Tactical knifes are as follows:

Type 56 three edged bayonet(my own imitation)
SKS bayonet(Soviet Union Special) (my own imitation)
Sex toys(my own imitation)
Smith & Wesson M9(my own imitation)
M-tech Xtreme mx-8054 (copyright free download address: sketchfab.com/3d-models/tactical-knife-dbad940f2f284db18065cee66d3bcb12)
Spider&Eagle(by Celena Ransil)
S.W.A.T. lengthened LP06(by Veerle Zandstra)
Jagdkommando mct10510m (copyright free download address: sketchfab.COM)

Description of compatible patches:

Notes on the spike kills compatible patch (USP. 45 spike kills patch. ESP):
1. If you use [snake kills] mod, install this compatible patch. 
The same is true for  [ Flashy(JoeR) - Stealthy Takedowns patch ] !!!

2. Friends of the [AnimeRace Nanakochan]:
If you use [Nanakochan NPC-Replacer] file:[ NanakochanReplacer_AllDLCs_All.esp] in mod.
You don't need to install the above two patches. Because the Nanakochan is not human!! Snake kills that mod only works for humans.

How to use tactical knife:
1.you can change the type in MCM menu
2.[tactical knife] there are 4 slots for you to choose (in MCM menu). Do not conflict with [clothes on your body], otherwise you will not see the tactical knife!!!
be sure not to conflict with the following slots:
42 - Larm(if you use)(default)
60 - pipboy(if you use)
51 - Ring(if you use)
61- fx(if you use)

Pip-pad recommends:
Download address:http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21953/?

If you think the left-hand Pip-Boy is out of the way,
Recommended to use pip-pad mod, so that the tactical knife can use [60 - pipboy slot], which will not conflict with any equipment..
Of course, you can also not install [pip-pad mod], but remember, if you do not install, do not click the [ 60 - pipboy slot], otherwise your original PIP boy will disappear