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This mod adds a custom vendor that sells Modern Firearms weapons.

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Modern Firearms Dealer
Created by Tangent_24
Tools used: Creation Kit, Fallout 4 Edit

This mod adds a trader that sells Modern Firearms weapons. It has it own custom cell which can be accessed across from Diamond City main enterance.

Update 1.3
Added the new weapons
SIG P320
SIG P226
Honey Badger 
Colt 1911
Colt 1911A1
Colt M45A1
S&W 586
STI 2011

Also added some NPCs on markers to make the place more life like and added the MF vending machine to the main room.

Modern Firearms

Any mod that edits the entrance to the Modern Firearms Store

If there are any bugs about the cell or vendor itself then contact me but if theres a bug with the actual weapons then contact the MF team, they have a Discord with both users and develops that are happy to help.

I would like to thank the following for their help in the
making of this mod by answering my questions on how to do things

The Rad Rats Mod Team

I would like to thank the Modern Firearms developers for making Modern Firearms.

And I would like to thank Luna and other people in the MF server for promoting this mod.

How to contact me:
Discord: Tangent24#9094 ( I am in the MF discord )
Nexus: tangent24
Email: [email protected]