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A wild wasteland experience that adds holiday decorations and a bunch of santa-obsessed raiders to your Sim Settlements and Conqueror experience.

Permissions and credits

Requires Version 4.2.0 or Greater of Sim Settlements

New Homes: 2
New Shops: 1
New Recreational: 3
New VIP Stories: 0

Building Features
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: No
Performance Settings: Yes


Requires Version 4.2.0 or Greater of Sim Settlements: Conqueror

Faction: The Yuletide
Assault Support: Yes
Defender Support: Yes
Decorations: Yes

It's the holidays in the Commonwealth, so it's time to celebrate old-world style! Or at least what we remember of how to celebrate old world style. This small-scale Sim Settlements add-on implements material from the CREATION CLUB HOLIDAY WORKSHOP content (so it requires it), providing some new plots for holiday fun. It also makes extensive use of the weapon/armor skins and outfits from that pack as well. Don't get too cozy by the fireplace, though. There are a new gang of raiders in town, and they have a different idea of season's greetings than the rest of us. Watch your back, because The Yuletide is coming. 


Residential Plots:

I'll Be Home for Xmas (Int) -
A cozy fireplace to kick off your shoes and enjoy some comforting decorations after a brutal day in the wasteland.

Deck the Halls (Int) - Think there's no such thing as too many decorations and lights? Well, this is the perfect home for you. 

Recreational Plots: 

O Tanenbaum (2x2) - Gather around our impressive holiday trees where we hung all of our best, most shiny loot. As is tradition. 

Slay Ride (2x2) - Enjoy the majesty of the radstag, who once donned the mighty title of Reindeer and battled fiercely at Santa's side. 

Silent Night (Int) - Sit by the fireplace, enjoy some cookies, and remember those that didn't make it with us to the holidays this year. We've hung stockings for all of them. Provides Cemetery support for Conqueror. 

Commercial Plots:

Winter Wonderland (2x2) -
The best holiday tradition? Getting black out drunk, of course. 


Yuletide Lounger -
A holiday take on a Sim Settlements classic Residential plot Wasteland Lounger, enjoy the red and green colors and the blinking lights. 

Yuletide Shack - The Max Shack gets a festive upgrade. 

Yuletide Outdoorsman - The Outdoorsman has picked up a few interesting holiday decorations lately.

Yuletide Yurt - Step inside for the ultimate xmas immersion experience.

Yuletide Bar - Open bar gets a santa and candy cane theme. 

Conqueror Faction: The Yuletide

Don't let the jolly colors they wear fool you. These raiders are a true menace. Obsessed with red, green, and snow, they're coming for all of us. Friendly with other raider factions, but hostile to all of the Commonwealth's forces of law and order, these maniacs are hear to punish both the nice and the naughty. So watch out! They wear armored santa suits, decorated and painted leather and metal armor, and wield weapons painted with holiday themes. 

Special Units:

Yuletide Frosty - Decked out in snowflake-themed synth armor and obsessed with the cold, these soldiers are ready to use their improvised cryolators and cryo grenades to make sure it's a White Christmas . . . of death!

Yuletide Reindeer
- The devolved radstag is at least as fearsome as Santa's best reindeer, and the lack of equipment and wages they need mean the Yuletide has lots of them to throw at anyone who gets between them and their precious toys, booze, and presents. 

New Explosives (Craftable at Chemistry Workbench):

Let It Snow Grenade - Ever wanted a MIRV grenade but that did cryo explosions instead? Then this is the explosive for you.  

White Xmas Mine - Whoever this present is for, make sure you are standing far away when they open it. 


Q: Will you be making a version of this that does not require the Creation Club Holiday Workshop?

A: No, because virtually all of the content in this mod uses those assets. Unless some enterprising 3d and texture artists out there want to recreate it all for free and pass it along to me, that's not within my meager skill set.

Q: The Yuletide weapons all have vanilla stats?

A: That's right, I copied all of the vanilla weapon and armor records so that I could do the faction theming and minimize compatibility issues. This may  affect balance in some cases If you have mods that makes significant changes to the vanilla weapons as the Yuletide will still be using weapons and armor with those vanilla stats and keywords. 

Q: You waited until the last minute to release this, didn't you?

A: This was harder than I thought it was going to be. I may add some content in the future to this, though. After all, battling santa-themed raiders can be fun year round.

Q: Is this lore friendly?

A: Depends on your definition of lore friendly and whether the creation club content is officially lore. So maybe.