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Frank and Ron clash in an epic battle of cybernetic warriors versus robotic supremacy!

2 new fully voiced settlers, 2 new City Plans, and 2 custom Faction Packs with unique rules.

Permissions and credits
(This is not the next expansion I've been talking about - just a fun little side project I worked on with a few friends in the community!)

This mod was designed so that each piece of it is available if you have the appropriate DLC and mods, with as minimum number of requirements as I could manage on the main mod itself.

  • Full mod requires: Automatron DLC, Sim Settlements, and Workshop Framework
  • Faction Packs require: Conqueror
  • City Plans require: All DLC
  • You can recruit Frank and Ron as settlers even without Conqueror to just be 2 more unique voiced settlers! (They make especially good shop keepers!)

  • Ron can be found at Sunshine Tidings Co-op after you have control of the settlement.
  • Frank can be found at Starlight Drive-in after you have control of the settlement.
  • City Plans for Sunshine Tidings Co-op (aka Ron Town) and Starlight Drive-in (aka Frank Town) can be used at any time.
  • Faction Packs can be used with the War Options on the start-up wizard (The Gregs and La Danks will only be used if you manually select them) or you can use them as your own factions via the War Planner's Desk, after doing the short "quests" each NPC has to introduce themselves.

Frank can be used as a normal settler, a Leader, or a Commander. Frank even has a custom Major Trait when used as a Commander: Cybertechnician - All soldiers at his Outpost are equipped with the appropriate rank armor even when no Armory is present.

La Danks Faction

The La Danks are Frank's trained Cyberwarriors - equipped with cybernetic implants to make them more combat effective in an effort to make the Commonwealth a safer place by defeating the evil robot army of his arch-nemesis Ron.

Type: Liberators

Special Rule: While Frank leads the Main Base, all La Dank soldiers will be equipped with cybernetic enhancements that are upgraded each time they rank up (even without an Armory).


Gear: Frank marks his troops with varsity jackets and increasingly powerful cyber-implants. You can't miss em.
Ranks: La Dank Recruit, Cyber Fighter, Cyber Soldier, Cyber Veteran, Cyber Warrior

Special Units

Cyber Dragon Soldier
500 Resources
Player Level Scaled (up to 40)
Fast Moving, Flamer Wielding

Cyber Tank Soldier
500 Resources
Player Level Scaled (up to 40)
Heavy Armor, Highly-Aggressive Melee

Ron can be used as a normal settler, a Leader, or a Commander. Ron also has a custom Major Trait when used as a Commander: Brain Collector - Whenever a soldier at his Outpost is killed, he uses their brain to create an experimental copy of his sidekick Robobrain. These copies can defend, patrol, or work the Outpost.

The Gregs Faction

Ron's plan to take over the Commonwealth involves creating mass copies of his sidekick robot, Greg, a super-intelligent Robobrain. Of course, being super-intelligent, Greg demands to have his name in the title as he will be the reason Ron succeeds.

Type: Conquerors

Special Rule: While Ron leads the Main Base, whenever a Rontonian soldier dies, they are brought back as an experimental copy of Greg. These copies can be sent on assaults, or used to defend, patrol, or work.


Gear: Ron largely just keeps the Rontonians around as future brain matter for Greg cloning, but any that prove valuable in combat will be suited up with spare robot parts to ensure they can continue to stay alive to help run Ron's empire.
Ranks: Rontonian Peasant, Rontonian Serf, Rontonian Loyal Subject, Rontonian Minion, Rontonian Henchman

Special Units

Greg Replicant
250 Resources
Copy of Greg. Once the Robot Workbench is unlocked, it can be used to customize them.

Experimental Greg Variant
Player Level Scaled (up to 40)
Created automatically when a soldier dies with random weapon attachments, some of which are... unstable.

This is my love letter to Ricky Summer and Adam Kluga for putting together multiple seasons of web series about Sim Settlements, which was a huge inspiration in expanding the mod early on. It's also an ode to the super-campy, and awesome, Antagonizer versus the Mechanist from Fallout 3 - I love the idea of two absurd NPCs operating impractical armies to destroy one another.

It came to be thanks to uituit's efforts in creating City Plans from the original save files from those web series. From there, I decided to recruit Ricky and Adam to voice their characters and lead faction packs as part of my goof-off mod time. (Every Saturday, I work on something that isn't the live patches of Sim Settlements or the next expansion, and instead just play around and see what I can come up with (this is how a lot of Workshop Plus features were born). This time around I decided to do an Addon Pack for Sim Settlements. With normal Sim Settlements development I try to stay super-immersive, avoid vanilla edits, stay F4SE-free, and keep my budget for file-size ultra-low. Occasionally I'm going to buck some of these restrictions with mods like this.)

It's definitely possible I'll expand on this mod in the future or do other wacky things like it with my "free-range Saturday modding". 

Hope you guys enjoy!


Ricky Summer: The voice and inspiration for Frank
Adam Kluga: The voice and inspiration for Ron
uituit: City Plan design
Niero: Cybernetic Gear
Sci: Sound Processing
RuinedWorld: Logo Design
kinggath: Code Monkey and CK Work