Fallout 4

About this mod

This mod aims to take the monotony out of scrapping your settlements. Scrap one item to instantly scrap all garbage, dirt, leaves, messy decals, fallen trees, bushes, dead grass, and generally anything else that makes the vanilla settlements look terrible.

Permissions and credits
Every time I play Fallout 4, I always start with Scrap Everything, head to Sanctuary, and get rid of all the stuff that makes the settlements ugly. I realized I must have spent way too much time scrapping ugly things, so I wanted an easier way.

"Why not just use the scrapall command, Lively?" you may be asking. Well, for starters, there are a lot of things I don't want to scrap. Sometimes I like the trees or cinder block walls or the old swing set. They give the place some history and character. I just want the trash items gone.

With this mod, every workbench now has a metal trash can next to it. Scrapping this trash can will take all of the garbage items with it automatically, and deposit all of the scrapped resources into your workbench. Simple, straightforward, less time wasted scrapping.

What this mod does:
Gets rid of all the stupid garbage in any given settlement in one click.
Gives you all the resources you would have gotten from scrapping them individually.
Adds one single placed object in each vanilla settlement.
Includes all official DLC settlements (except for Vault 88).

What this mod doesn't do:
Scrap objects such as general junk items or items that can be used in recipes.
Doesn't touch Vault 88 (it's a work in progress).

Download with MO2/Vortex.
Activate it.
Keep it pretty low.

As of October 21, 2021, I have disabled the Bugs tab. Mod conflicts aren't bugs, and I'm tired of every single bug report being a mod conflict. You'll just have to figure this out for yourselves from now on.

No known issues, but also not much testing. I'm currently using it in a load order with 308 other mods and have experienced no issues.
Not compatible with VR. I've been told it causes issues with lighting. Sorry folks.

If anyone would like to use it with any mods that expand settlement borders, I'd be interested in hearing the results. I imagine it would be fine, but it never hurts to make sure.

Mod of the Month #4, December 2019! Neato.

Featured by MxR! Thanks, bud!

Optional file: This is Trash - Alternative Version

This is a new version I've built from scratch. The trash can is now a static object. All forms are ONLY linked refs, so you can no longer manually scrap all the stuff that the trash can takes with it, as they have no corresponding cobjs or formlists. You will no longer receive any scrap or components for scrapping the trash can and all its linked garbage glory. Precombines have NOT been rebuilt. For a heavy load order, I would recommend building your own anyway.

If you want to use it, feel free. Depending on your load order, you may experience previs/precombine/culling/occlusion issues. Your call.