Fallout 4
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A new world space with several new quests and a storyline. It also includes two possible endings. Focuses more on the atmosphere rather than combat.

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“Where the Sane Fear to Tread” is a mod for Fallout 4 that features a new world space, a new location for the Sole Survivor to travel to. The story takes place in a small city called Muskegon. A cult with evil origins has had control over the area for decades. Everyone is trapped by a mysterious force that prevents anyone from leaving. The Sole Survivor is tasked with finding an ancient artifact that will unlock a power struggle between to evil figures. Taking the quest involves being trapped in Muskegon as well. In order to find the artifact and return home, the Sole Survivor must cooperate with an isolated settlement that needs your help. By that, I mean actual quests, not raiders. In the end, the Sole Survivor must confront the cult holding everyone hostage and be faced with a final decision.

The quest should auto start by telling you of a note on the bounty board in Diamond City.

This mod includes:
- The quests are about an hour and a half to 2 hours depending on the skill of the player.
- New world space with LOD
- New music
- New climate, permanently night with a red moon and stars
- 2 new factions
- 5 quests to complete
- Partially voice acted
- 2 possible endings with end-of-game-style videos
- Less emphasis on combat and more on the atmosphere

Requires All DLC, no other mods
NPC AI is fickle but it does work. it may appear to be frozen but it is doing something.