Fallout 4
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A settlement at an abandoned farm at Nuka World

Permissions and credits
There is a small abandoned farm just southwest of the central Nuka World park area. This mod allows you to settle it.

  • Fully functional workshop with a 6 cell area (3x2) with an accurate visual border.
  • Most objects are scrappable or linked to scrappable objects.
  • There is an object to scrap all trash at once. It will remove objects like bushes, piles of dirt, leaves, etc.
  • The file is ESL-Flagged.

In order to unlock the workbench, you must clear out the vermin next to a dead brahmin next to it. The brahmin and the dead vermin should be cleaned up when you first activate the workbench.

Make sure you have a save you can go back to in case this mod doesn't work! If you have saved your game with a settlement mod installed, you can never ever ever uninstall that settlement mod, without destroying your save!
No, saving in an interior, uninstalling the mod, loading the game, will NOT clean the save!

  • Save somewhere away from the affected location. Maybe in one of the interiors at Nuka Town.
  • Install the mod. Put it somewhere low in your load order. If there is a conflict with a settlement mod, the settlement mod must win!
  • Test the settlement! Make sure happiness is at 50, the map marker displays it, you can actually build, settlers appear, etc. See also this article.
  • If it doesn't work properly, go back to the previous save!

This mod is INCOMPATIBLE with Nuka Park Settlements Plus. If you have it installed, you can not install this mod. Likewise, if you have this mod installed, you can not install Nuka Park Settlements Plus.
Optimized Version
There is now an "Optimized Version" under optional files. There, precombined geometry and visibility have been regenerated. This might improve performance somewhat. However, this means a larger filesize, some objects (cliffs and farm plots) become unscrappable, and the mod affects more cells.

The "normal" and optimized versions should be compatible with each other. That means, if you have the "normal" version in your save, it should be possible to switch to the optimized version without issues. And vice versa.

I consider this version to be experimental at this time. This is the first time I tried regenerating precombines/previs, and some hacks were involved. Use at your own risk!

Known Issues
  • The two-story house isn't navmeshed on it's second floor. I suggest scrapping it.
  • The string of lights between one of the houses and the garage will remain if you scrap the house. Scrap the garage to get rid of it, or use Place Everywhere or Scrap Anything.