Fallout 4
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Want the satisfaction of hitting something? Do you feel like you are shooting bricks and not enemies? Want enemies to feel alive and not freakin mannequins?
This is it then.

Permissions and credits
This Mod has similar effect to my previous mod
Ragdoll Bullet Knock Back Physics

Different Features?
Enemies now knocking each other. (You too)
Better Weapon support
Explosive Projectiles e.g Missile or Nuke direct hit will actually throw you now.
Enhances Gameplay Combat and adds life to Characters.
Hit Satisfaction
Some weak weapons like Pistols and Automatic don't always Knock Down in one hit.
Bigger and Legendary enemies can be knocked down.
Beat Takahashi with a shotgun for repeating the same dialogue
QuickSave Blast Preston with a Revolver when he is showing attitude. Quickload. Repeat.
Mind You though if enemies knock you down and you are playing on survival thats the end.

Different Impact force for different types of weapons.
Distance is also a factor now

A Legendary Modification
For you to apply on any weapon.

Load Order: Try to Load it in the Lower Section

Sorry for the dark video

Very Highly Recommended to use with these mods
 Ragdoll Collision, Corpse Collision, Realistic Death Physics
 or else target gets blown away.

Fallout 4 DLC races haven't been tested as this is only using base game files
There might be some enemies that still feel like bricks.
Some skeleton mods glitch sometimes
Melee attacks will sometimes blow little far.
If Player will ragdoll thrown in air, Reload a different save
If a weapon doesn't work try a different weapon.
Report Bugs if found.