Fallout 4
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Sharkaiy - Damage Follows Player's Level

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First of all, English is not my native language, but I think you should know what I say, coz my English is not too bad, and also not too good,lol.


Everyone may knows that player's integral damage has the upper limit, but enemies' levels are unlimited, so when you get to a higher level you'll find that you can't beat the enemies down even though you fire a lot of shots on them, especially when you have changed the game with a higher difficulty or installed More Enemies or High Level Scale or so on. Of course, we can make the Damage Modification for our favored weapons, I had also made that before, but I find it's laborious and time-consuming, and that when a weapon has some variants it's too sour to make... So I look up for relevant information and make this mod.


This mod simply allows player's damage to increase as the player's level increases,  all damage Increased by an average of 15% per level 5 (Recommended) ,  of course, if that's not enough for you, I have made the 30% one (Higher) .

This mod's working principle is not complicated, it just assigns the player and adds some new perk to the player,Perks are set to be added to players at the appropriate level to increase all the damage.

This mod supports both original weapons and mod weapons automatically, no additional data should be written or patches should be made.

Load order requirements: 
-None, you can just use LOOT.

-Theoretically compatible with everything.

-No need. There's no text will show ingame.

A: Will my damage always increase no matter how high my level arrives? Is there a limit? 
Q:It is indeed. I have written the perk to LV.300, one by one perk, and I think it's enough coz it's really too hard to reach  LV.300 without cheating or using relational mods, and this level is enough to get all the perks in the game, so there is no more data to write.

A:Will enemies be affected by this mod?
Q:Not at all. Perks will only be added to the player, and have no effect on NPC.

A:I have already upgraded a lot of levels, and can I add the damage of the previous level of this mod, do I need to creat a new game?
Q:No need to creat a new game. The damage bonus of the previous level will exist.