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Craftable (heavy) tents that allow you to save while out and about. Disposable and recoverable options.

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A basic tent mod that allows you to save while out and about. Includes disposable and recoverable versions, with different recipes and weights. They can be crafted at chemistry stations under the Utility heading. Throw them like a short-range grenade and a tent will appear where they land. The grenade uses a hide bundle model so that it's not too immersion-breaking. Counts as a sleeping bag so you can only get 3 hours sleep in survival (like the tents in Far Harbor).

Disposable (Dismantle option removes tent and gives nothing back)
  • 4 Leather, 6 Steel, 8 Cloth
  • 12 Weight

Recoverable (Dismantle option removes tent and returns it to your inventory)
  • 12 Leather, 8 Steel, 16 Cloth
  • 24 Weight

They can also be left up and returned to later (if you can find them). I've had a few around for a very long time, though cell resets may delete them.

Created with the Creation Kit and FO4Edit.