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TLDR: Makes all damage variable based on which part you hit.
Crippling is much easier
Affects all races except robots! Each race is now more dynamic and has unique multipliers!
See video!

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Got a new PC and never saved my old login info / used a throwaway email rip~ So I no longer have access to the mod page on my old account. Need to reupload so I can continue to make changes as I come across things I may have broken as well as give myself room to change things that may be released in the future.To remedy some of the problems I had with how the game handled damage, and the fact that limbs are of varying importance when being hit, I made a few simple changes that made where you hit hurt (or not).

Changes were made based on race, as I wanted my changes to enhance gameplay, not make it a grunt birthday party (ie no steel plated radroaches and no Pinata Deatchlaws)

 Races Affected>>> Humans, Ghouls, Deathclaws, Animals (ie Dogs, Mrats, Stags), Synths, Insects, Radscorpions, Yao Guai, Mirelurks, Mirelurk Kings, Mirelurk Hunters, Super Mutants, FEV Hounds, and Behemoths.
Most enemies added via mods and the dlc use vanilla bpd

Precepts: All limb health percents were lowered to reflect their corresponding damage changes. This way enemies dont have invincible limbs.
Headshots: If it took more than one shot... you were playing vanilla.
Chests: Knock the wind out of em, a little more damage than vanilla to make up for the overall losses.
Arms and Legs: Wave em like you just dont care, damaging these will cripple but they wont kill.
Hands and Feet: Look ma no hands, if youre hitting these you arent aiming, and wont be rewarded for it either.
Shells: Better than Mythril, these Radiation Hardened Layers will keep your insides inside, and the outsides outside.
Wings: Clipping these will bring your enemies down to Earth, but it wont be fatal.
Belly: Give it a rub, these soft spots take extra damage, raw hides will compensate.
Tails: went with the classic rpg approach to these, nice ways to rack up early damage and fall off after a relatively low threshold. 

The only remedy is that I make a spreadsheet, which is too much work. Basically all you need to know is that all changes were approved by immersion scientists and theres nothing too wonky going on. Keep in mind these are made around the concept of a harder playthrough (ie balanced around modded weapons, enhanced armors, and base game damage multipliers added in. ie where calibers influence damage and ar removes flat damage, not a %, so on an unarmored target expect 2 pistol rounds to the head / 4 to the chest to kill. Not sure how my changes influence vanilla)

For those curious about what specific details were changed, look below. Unnecessary but its there. As a reference the vanilla defaults were roughly along the lines of 2x for headshots, 1x for body, and .75 for all appendages, meaning you could easily (and probably have) kill anyone with enough bullets to the foot. My game is heavily modded so I have no idea how these values will work for you.

I didnt alter power armor data since I play with modded ar values, with PA near 600 ar/dr/rr I prefer the lore based playstyle. PA revolutionised war creating a walking tank, you can kill the machine (destroy the fc) or kill the man (ie enter his thoughts).

I didnt alter robot data since well, it doesnt hurt no matter where you hit em, all of these values are vanilla (again I play with edited ar/dr values, robots are made of metal, which is a few orders more durable than flesh, ie ballistics and fire dont really hurt them, mostly just shock)

For my sake Ill be listing pertinent value changes in order without labels unless there's an extra appendage (Deathclaw Wings Mirelurk Tails) 
Listed as HBAhLfx (Head Body Arms hands Legs feet [Tail] [Shell] [Wings] [X]). C+D >>> At the end denote if the arms/legs are Crippleable/Dismemberable.

Ive also added a very slight chance that you can dismember a crippled limb, while you wont kill him with 25 shots to the arm, after a bit there may be no more arm to shoot. Explosives also have an advanced chance to dismember legs (based on the precept that mines go on the floor and grenades will end up there too)

eg: My Cat: Why its immersive (to me). 
 HBAhLf/Tail>>> 7 / 2 / .25 / .05 / .25 / .05 / 3 
=7 times the damage from a headshot, double for a body shot, 5% on her toe beans. Tail has a 100% chance to Dm below 80%, 

Ghouls: Creatures of the Night, and yes theyre as frail as they look: Headshots are an instant kill, and theyre vulnerable to fire dmg. 
HBAhLf: 100 / 1.5 / .35/ .05 / .35 / .05. C+D

Humans: Cant live with em, cant live without em. We all know love and hate at least one.
HBAhLf: 5 / 1.5 / .34 / .34 / .34 / .34. C

Deathclaws: The Diamond hide Apex Predators they were born to be, no more loot pinatas.
HBAhLf/Hide/Belly/Tail: .65 / .5 / .25 / .05 / .35 / .05 / .15 / 5 / 3 C+D (Tail can take 30% max hp before Dismembering)

Animals (ie Dogs, Brahmin, Mrats, Stags): Pack Mentality- Strength in numbers, not in size.
HBLf: 3.5 / .85 / .75 / .2. C+D

Synths (Gens 1/2/3): Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
HBAhLf: 5 / 1.5 / .25 / .05 / .35 / .05. C+D.

Insects: Creepy Crawlies, Bigger not Better, Fear the Swarm. In all honesty with this games hitbox I dont think you can hit anything but the torso outside of VATS.
2/4x across the board. Wings will fall off relatively easily but wont kill.

Radscorpions: GET OVER HERE. Makes these encounters much more deadly, and makes their plating fit the lore.
HBA/Stinger: 3 / .5 / .25 on the rest / 3 (Stinger can take 30% max hp before Dismembering).

Yao Guai: Lions Tigers and Bears, Yao Guai! Big and Beefy, an example where crippling the limbs might be a better first move.
HBLf: 3 / 1.25 / .5 / .05. C

Mirelurks: Defensive Measures, Shields Up! "Highly Protective" "Extremely Resistant" are now appropriate when describing ML shells. 
HBLf/Shell: 3.5 / 1 / .15 / .05 / .05 (+ribs and front armor). C+D

Mirelurk Kings: Like shooting mutated fish in a radioactive barrel. Only guys I made a little easier to compensate for how strong they are.
HBAhLf: 3 / 1.25 / .5 / .05 / .5 / .05 C

Mirelurk Hunters: Made of Sterner Stuff. A little more agile so you have to hit a little harder.
HBAL/Shell: 3 / 1 / .33 / .25 / .15.

HBAhLf: 4.25 / .85 / .15 / .05 / .25 / .05. C+D

HBLf: 3 / 1.25 / .5 / .15.  C

Behemoths: Head Up Limbs Down
HBAL: 4 / 1 / .7 / .7. C

Aliens: Upped headshot damage, added crippling and dismemberment.
H: 2>>3. C+D

>>>>>>>>>>>>DLC CHANGES<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Nuka World: The only new creatures added were all insects (everything else in NW references vanilla BPD): Didnt lower anything, upped all headshot damage to 4-8x (exoskeletons are known for being soft, they arent thickly layered and are hollow because they in short serve as insect lungs, values reflect real life insects just scaled up in size, not a change in material). Shatter, not break.

Far Harbor: Only wolves and the large creatures were added, so I edited the wolves to reflect dogs and the larger creatures balanced around the philosophy of cripple first then kill, and similar to their base game counterparts. (Crab>Mirelurk / Gulper > Deathclaw etc).

Other: Requires Famished, Institute Centaurs, and Unique NPCs- Creatures to work: Increase headshot damage and lower limb damage but increase the chance to cripple enemies across the board.

The goal is for well placed shots to be more lethal and to introduce a bit of strategy. On beefier or more protected enemies theres actual value to going for the legs/arms first as your bullets should, like guns do, cripple relatively quickly.
With these changes you should also expect where your character gets hit to matter and cripple a lot more easily (were using bullets not bbs).

Highly Recommend: Scaling Molotovs Dogmeat and Dismemberment. Makes all enemies level and scale with you. Expect more higher ranking enemies as you get deeper into the CW
   Better Explosives Redux (2): Overhauls explosives and their efficacy.
   Modern Weapon Replacers aio: Makes the game less gumshoe and more tactical survival. Overall more deadly.
   Unique NPCs Creatures and Monsters. Adds a myriad of variety to what already exists and adds a ton of things that don (all lore friendly), makes deathclaws tougher
   NPCS Travel. Makes the commonwealth a living dynamic environment.
   Super Mutant Redux x Raider Overhaul x CAST x Ad Victoriam x Gunner Overhaul x Ferals After Dark= Better Factions
                   Survival Options x Arbitration. A few welcome ai damage and combat overhauls to make the game a bit faster paced. 
   VAFS Redux: Vats is unimersive/unfun and just awkward, and the games combat is too clunky to play without something.
   More Enemies: Lightweight way to add more combat to combat.
   Realistic Ragdoll/Explosion: Now they fall over like bodies instead of flying like balloons.
Suggestions: Anything I may have missed? Are there common mods / dlc that add CBD I didnt cover? Other small edits that could be fun?
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