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Survival Gear that any common citizen of Boston would round up to survive post apocalypse

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Simple, basic, found at your local clothing and sporting goods stores, survival gear for the post apocalypse. We've seen heavily armored thugs, and dudes wearing Power Armor, or sporting crazy leather armor with spikes, but how about armor that the average person would get, jeans, a jacket, packet you know basic stuff. This is more what you'd expect someone to be wearing in the apocolypse, even after 200 years, jeans and a jacket would still be standard, and I am sure that somewhere, some place there are still new items in boxes that no one has ever found. There are plans out there, and this all can be crafted at the chemistry station, after retrieving the plans that are in the players house, in the laundry room. This is something I've been looking to get in game for a very long time, and I hope everyone enjoys this.

-Rigging and Porting: CaW Life
-Assistance with Textures: Svarttjern
-Model: City Survivor
-Screen Shots: Little Light - Triangulum 
-Xbox One Porting: Moddymodmod620