Fallout 4
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For those who want some *serious* settlement defense. Adds extra high-powered craftable turrets to the workshop build-menu.

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Enhanced turrets for settlement defense, having buffed defense/health along with 2x-5x normal damage and safety rating. The turrets are either
unpowered or run on wireless power.

Requires: Settlement Menu Manager.

Includes "normal" turrets:
* Machinegun
* Mounted Machinegun
* Spotlight
* Shotgun
* Laser
* Heavy Laser
* Missile

Includes additional bubble turrets (floor-placed, use Place Everywhere if you want them on walls/ceilings):
* Laser
* Institute Laser
* Triple Laser
* Machinegun
* Triple Machinegun
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A: Uninstall it and revert to an earlier save.
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