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Removes Depth of Field effects without disabling DoF to workaround engine bug.

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I'm a bit surprised to not find a mod that does this, considering the engine bug has been around since Skyrim.

You might be asking "Why would I need a mod to remove Depth of Field when there's an option in the config file/launcher"?

Well, take a look at the screenshot below (full size here).

That's what happens to the underwater effect when you disable DoF in the options.  It disappears!

Needless to say, you don't want underwater being crystal clear (unless you like your immersion breaking.. or want to cheat!).

This mod aims to remove the Depth of Field effects throughout the game while retaining the underwater effect.
  See this video for comparison:

Currently this mod removes:

  • Ironsights DoF.
  • Dialogue DoF.
  • Crafting DoF.
  • Pipboy DoF (including power armor).
  • Inspection DoF. (optional)
  • VATS/VANS DoF. (wasn't too visible)
  • Slow time effect (like Jet) DoF.

I'll (potentially) provide optional solutions later on if requested or if I find something I prefer instead. (eg. inspection DoF in place as it's a bit harder to focus on the item with everything clear)


- Remove lockpick DoF.  (Couldn't find it in the file)
- Remove radial blur as an optional file.
- Remove any other blurring effect I find or is requested.
- Potentially remove soft DoF/blur applied as atmospheric effects throughout the game. This requires playtesting. (Requested)

Technical details:  You can open the file in FO4Edit to see what it does.

If you are lazy:

Sets Game Setting "fIronSightsDOFStrength" to 0.

Changes Image Space Adapters for various things, specifically the WNAM - DoF Strength value to 0.

Future radial blur removal for certain things may also set the Blur Radius and Radial Blur Strength WNAM's to 0.

The esp was created with the latest version(s) of FO4Edit.  (as of December 2015)

If you only care about the Ironsights blur and do not want to use an .esp for it, you can use the console command: setgs fIronSightsDOFStrength 0
However, this must be set at every game load, as it is not saved beyond your current session.  Alternatively, there's a mod that does -only- that: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2304/?

I'm going to assume you know the basics of enabling mods for FO4, and enabling .esps specifically.  If not, please see Gopher's video: FALLOUT 4: Enabling Modding for PC (UPDATED)

Pardon any teething issues; this is my first upload to the Nexus since I started using it 6 years ago.  Will try to pretty up the description page as I learn it better.