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This mod does all the console work for the "Spawnable Unique Settlers" mod

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This mod does all the console work for the Spawnable Unique Settlers mod by ArchGaden

12 simple buttons (by the number of NPC types) is added to the Workshop that spawns a Unique Settler once the button is pressed.

New unique settler will be assigned to this settlement automatically.

The LooksMenu is called automatically.

Known issue: After the looksmenu appears, the line of sight is abnormal. Press "B" (default to edit body) then "Esc".

These buttons can be found in the own "buttons" category.

The mod keeps track of the IDs used. You don't need to write them down or memorize them.
At the first launch, the mod checks which IDs have already been used. These IDs are not used for spawn.

You can scrap the button after use. This will not interfere with the correct operation of the settlers or other buttons.

After build button is yellow - wait for it to turn grey.

Gray button - ready to work
Yellow button - busy, wait for it to turn grey
Button remains yellow - button awaits for assign a parameter "workshopID" from workshop scripting system
Red button - Parameter "workshopID" not obtained after 2 minutes. Something went wrong. May be scripting system overloaded, may be "new" settlement not properly registered in workshop scripting system
Green button - spawning new settler, wait for it to turn grey
Button remains green - workshop scripting system do their work (assign new settler to workshop, try assign new settler to job, etc)
Blue button - all unique identifiers used

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