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No more elastic waves in the Commonwealth. Brand new effects and textures with a more realistic motion.

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WAVE - Wave Animation Vanilla Enhanced
by CaptainCockerel

No more elastic waves

WAVE changes the waves in the Commonwealth so that they don't rebound over and over again like they are made of elastic. The waves now flow inward towards the shore and create splashes along the way. Upon reaching the shore, the washed-up foam will be gently pulled back and will then retreat before fading out.

Is this mod realistic?

More realistic than default. The animation is only six seconds long, so there is only so much that can be done. Being there also isn't any way to actually move the water surface to create waves in this game, it's about as good as it gets right now.

What is the performance like?

I have tried to optimise wherever I could. This includes reducing animation counts in the assets and only adding a necessary amoun
t of particles.Textures are a maximum of 2k due to them being effects.

Does there need to be a plugin?

Yes and no. You can extract to loose files if you wish. The plugin is a dummy to load the assets from the .ba2 archives. Being a .esp-flagged .esl, however, means that it will not take up a regular plugin slot.

Does this affect DLC?

It may, but the mod is specifically designed to improve the waves in the Commonwealth. In DLC like Far Harbor, for example, Bethesda made new waves that don't look as janky.

Installation and uninstallation with a mod manager like Vortex is recommended. Manual installation is not recommended but is possible by dragging everything into your game's Data folder.

Will work with any mod that doesn't edit the same files as in the .ba2 archives. You will need to use the B.A.E mod to view/extract the files and do a comparison if you have any doubts. Texture mods will certainly not overwrite anything due to the mod using custom textures.

Load order does not matter. Place anywhere.

External support may be few and far between due to life stuff. Please stand by!