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Turns Preston Garvey into a super mutant complete with a deeper voice.

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Turns Preston Garvey into a super mutant complete with a deeper voice. Laser musket changed to a rifle similar to Deacon's as super mutants can't use laser muskets.

Compatible with the Nuka-World DLC, but there's a version for those without it too.

Works with a new game or with an old save, but you should probably not have Preston in power armor before you activate this mod. Any clothes worn may be unequipped and replaced with a super mutant version of Preston's default (duster and hat) clothes.

If you want to turn Preston Garvey into a massive annoying troll as well, also grab this mod: Prestonian Knuckles.

To support my work, subscribe to my BitChute channel. Also subscribe to my new YouTube channel. Let's reach a wider audience. It's all free.

Compatibility: Not compatible with mods that change Preston Garvey's ID such as female Preston Garvey mods. Minor issues may occur with mods that change Preston Garvey's weapon. Issues like these may be resolved if the mod is loaded last.

If a mod adds new Preston Garvey dialog, his voice will not automatically be deeper. If you're a mod author and want to make your mod compatible, it's easy. Add deeper (minus 20% pitch in Audacity) dialog lines with the condition of Preston not being human.

Disclaimer: This mod doesn't make him any less annoying. Settlements still need your help, General.

Consoles: There is an XB1 version and a PS4 may come soon in a more limited form.

List of Known Mods Compatible (of those involving the character Preston Garvey in some way):
Father Companion
Prestonian Knuckles - Preston Garvey Trolls You Some Moar

Toro Montana - author
m150 - super mutant clothes