Fallout 4
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Now, listen to German instead of English.

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DLC and main game are in 1 file.

!! Big Files must be manually installed.

InstallOnce you've downloaded unzip the file somewhere then go to your game directory (steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data) Simply drag the voice file from the zip into your data folder and let it replace your file.

If you are hearing any wrong voices form any characters try this extra step to fix the problem.
Thanks to user Fernicar for pointing out that another step might be needed to use the second file in Fallout 4 Base Game, if you notice any sound errors please try adding this to your
Fallout4Custom.ini or Fallout4Prefs file

SResourceArchiveList=Fallout4 - Voices.ba2, Fallout4 - Voices_rep.ba2, Fallout4 - Meshes.ba2, Fallout4 - MeshesExtra.ba2, Fallout4 - Misc.ba2, Fallout4 - Sounds.ba2, Fallout4 - Materials.ba2

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