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Replaces the animations for quests with generic ones.

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Spoiler-free Quest Animations v1.0

I considered the animations when starting a quest and in the pip-boy quest log as just yet another annoying bling bling.

That was until the animation for "Call to Arms" showed what will actually happen in the quest. I was really pissed about this spoiler, because that was actually my first time encountering this particular enemy.

To prevent this from happening again, I created this Mod. It will replace all special quest animations with the default "thumbs up" animation. (I actually wanted to replace them with an empty animation, but the game somehow didn't accept these files and played the default animation anyway. So I used this animation to avoid potential problems.)

The generic faction animations I left untouched, because they don't contain spoilers.

If you're annoyed by the animations in the quest log, check out this mod:  Quest Summary by Default

Because of the default animation, you can't tell apart the important stuff from the radiant filler quests? Check this out: All Radiant Quests Marked

Addon for Automatron available here: Spoiler-free Quest Animations - Automatron by Pokepunch


1. Unzip the archive to your \Data\ folder.
2. If you have not done already, enable mods: Enabling Modding for PC


1. Delete "\interface\components\faction vault boys\"
2. Delete "\interface\components\quest vault boys\"

Or just use NMM.

The file names of the animation files contain the quest names. If you don't want to be spoiled, do not look into the folders.

How did I do it:
- replaced all quest specific .swf files in "\quest vault boys\" and "\faction vault boys\" with "defaultboy.swf" from "\quest vault boys\miscellaneous quests\"