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When saving the game, most of the time it's showing Commonwealth, The Island or Nuka World on the save file. With this mod, your save file will be named after the region where you've saved the game.

Permissions and credits

There are only a few locations in the game that are shown on your save file names like Commonwealth, Glowing Sea, The Fens, The Island or Nuka-World. But wouldn't it be nice if the name would be a bit more distinctly? Here's an example:

There's a mod for Skyrim that adresses the very same issue (Unique Region Names) and I wanted something like that in Fallout 4 for almost 4 years now. Well, here it is.

237 new regions were added (and 19 vanilla regions were edited) for unique landmarks and places so your save files won't always show the same boring names.

Note that only saves created with this installed shows region names, it's not retroactive.

Works in survival mode, too.

If you want more than 3 automatic saves (survival mode saves and automatic saves like sleeping, waiting and fast traveling), add the following to your Fallout4Custom.ini:

iAutoSaveCount=xxx (xxx = number of save files the game will keep before deleting the oldest)

List of all region names

New in version 1.2 are the following vanilla regions which got a map name added:
  • Northern Foothills
  • Marshland
  • East Coast
  • Nahant
  • Downtown

They are at a lower priority than the new regions added by this mod.

Recon Bunker Theta -> highest priority
Northern Foothills -> low priority
Commonwealth - lowest priority

Let's say you're at Recon Bunker Theta, you'll see that name on your save game. If you're moving out of this area, instead of seeing Commonwealth the game will name your save file Northern Foothills. This way the term Commonwealth will be used far less often.


It is recommended to install this mod with the latest version of Nexus Mod Manager (0.71.2). Get it from GitHub.
Don't use an outdated mod manager like older versions of Nexus Mod Manager (0.70.9 or older). The reason is the file format of all included plugins from this mod. They are all flagged as an ESL file (do not count towards your plugin limit of 255) but can be moved in your load order like a normal ESP file (important for compatibility with other mods).

If it looks like this in Nexus Mod Manager you're good to go:


Personally I don't use Vortex and MO2 so I'm not sure how they handle these plugins.

In the installer, you can choose between English, French*, German, Italian*, Spanish*, Polish*, Russian and Purtuguese Brazilian* region names.
* Note that a few new regions (around 12 -15) will still have english names because I only speak German and English. The rest is properly translated.

You can install the mod at the start of a new game or mid playthrough, it doesn't matter. Region names on save games shows up only after you install this mod and than save the game. The names for those saves will be kept even after you uninstall the mod.

This mod requires the following DLCs:
  • Automatron
  • Far Harbor
  • Vault-Tec Workshop
  • Nuka-World

No ifs no buts. Managing versions with some or no DLCs would be a nightmare to keep updated and patches for such versions would cost even more time. Thanks for your comprehension.

Patches for Beantown Interiors and Boston FPS Fix as well as Calamity Weathers, Polluted Climate, True Storms, Vivid Weathers and Wasteland Weather are included and can be selected in the installer.

Thanks to Mortercotic, a patch for F04FI_FPS_fix can be found here:
Way to the Lost (Fallout 4 Mod List and Tweaks)
Scroll down to the misc section in the file tab and look for F04FI_FPS_fix - Region Names Patch.

Load order

Load my mod below all other mods which edits the Commonwealth, Far Harbor and Nuka World worldspaces. If you have mods which include new precombined meshes (like Boston FPS Fix) load my mod before those to make sure that their PreVis data will not be overwritten by my mod.

Compatibility with other mods

If you don't see a region's name on your save file where you actually should, you most likely have a mod conflict. That means that you need to use FO4Edit and solve those conflicts. If you feel lost, here are some tutorials for this tool:


Console versions

Technically they're possible even on PS4. If someone wants to port it over I'm cool with that. See the permissions tab for further details. I wont do it myself though. Thanks for your comprehension!

Some side notes for modders

There are mods out there that adds a custom music playlist to the Glowing Sea area. The way they did this was to add the Music flag to this region and linked to a new music type. The new music will play in every cell which is linked to the Glowing Sea region. And the very same method could be used here too. You can attach new playlists for every settlement or Lexington or Concord or the Corvega Assembly Plant or whatever region you want to and they would have unique music tracks. Lots of possibilities here.

This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.