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You liked my mods but don't like 30+ ESPs? Well here is a merged patch.

Permissions and credits

For BUFFOUT-4 crashes, change the xSE PreloadPlugin load-method from OnProcessAttach to OnThreadAttach by the XML file.

 > DO NOT USE LOOT - Put my mod last at the load-order.
 > v3.00 that Integrates Ammo-Switching Recycles, Reuses, and Disables some Records, and may negatively impact mid-game saves.
 > v3.00 AIO esp is rebuilt from Lite esp, v3.00 is only compatible with saves using Lite.
 > Different Records means you cannot just install this mid-playthrough of your previous save that used my other mods. You have to uninstall my other overhauls and start a new game.
 > If you install this mod, you commit your save to this mod, as uninstalling will definitely ruin existing weapons.

You liked my mods but don't like 30+ ESPs? Well here is a merged patch, the Be-All-End-All of my Overhaul Mods. It's a comprehensive overhauling of many vanilla weapons, the patches in between, and then some.

LITE version has deactivated Moddable Pipe-Weapons Materials, it's an additional 10 set of attachments that changes the textures of Pipe-Weapons on the fly. But it is also an additional 700mb worth of textures. Lite forgoes this.


> JKRuse05 - Meshes
> Satojomov's Armory Resources ( https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28388 )
> MomoNya - Thinner Assault Rifle Receiver
> Peekachuw - Meshes
> opengts - Meshes
> dpillari - Engraved Silver SMG
> asXas and Fiddler Green - Box Mag Animation
> Veratai - Railway Rifle Short Stock
> LJHalfbreed - Hunting Revolver Resources
> SpaceGoats - Combat-Rifle Receiver Mesh

Recommended Mods:

> Perception Affects Ranged Weapons
> Strength-Based Bash-Bonus
> See-Through Scopes
> Ithaca Overhaul
> Quick Reflexes - Slow-Motion Favorites Menu
> Better Locational Damage
> Enclave X-02 Armor
> Better Power-Armor Overhaul
> Zephyr's Power-Armor Overhaul
> Zephyr's PAO for Enclave X-02
> Wasteland Imports

 > Firearms can be retooled, providing different sidegrades or straight up upgrades with different ammunition type.

 > Fleshed out attachments into three; Damage, Frames, Triggers; Damage provides damage with level; Frames provide an option for more damage or VATs; and Triggers change the functioning of weapons. These attachment provides multiplicative damage bonuses and penalties than additive.

 > Triggers; Rapid Automatic - Generally, it is equipped with an extension in VATs, Shotguns get three-round bursts, while the rest have around 12-round bursts.

 > Additional Miscellaneous attachments - Weapons have different variety of attachments.

 > Custom Legendary Weapons - There are many more legendary weapons added throughout the game, even a few unique ones.

 > Added Ammo Switching, and different ammunition variants.

 > 45-70 has been Phased-Out, and all chambered weapons fire 44-Magnum instead, this is for simplicity to consolidate ammunition use.

Ammo Switching

> Some weapons are capable of ammo switching. Switches and Ammunition can be crafted at the Chemistry Workbench. Craftable at the Ammunition Workbench with AWKCR.
> Ammo-Switchers work at the currently-equipped weapon. Your Favorites Menu will have a snafu if you have many of the same weapon type assigned.

> Armor-Piercing Rounds - trades damage for extra punch through armor.
> Armor-Piercing Incendiary Rounds - is a powerful ammunition used to defeat armor and cover, while setting targets ablaze.
> Incendiary-Tracers - fire-bullets that makes it easier to hit targets and set them ablaze. Deals extra damage to non mechanical targets.
> Overpressure Rounds - powerful handloads but can make weapons less controllable.
> Match Rounds - a military-grade ammunition used for sniping.
> Smart Rounds - an experimental 50-Caliber round that self-adjusts during flight and seeks target.
> Frag Rounds - a special slug of big-bore rounds dealing splash damage.
> Radium Rounds - Radium-tipped bullets that deal radiation damage.
> Plasma Rounds - Plasma-Infused bullets that deal additional energy damage, but shoots a non-hitscan projectile.

> Armor-Piercing Slugs - Single-Projectile Shotgun rounds that defeat armor.
> Dragon's Breath - Incendiary Shotgun Shells that shoots out a cloud of fire. Powerful but has limited range.
> Explosive Slugs - Single-Projectile Shotgun Rounds that explodes on impact.
> Nuclear Slugs - Single-Projectile Shotgun Rounds that are direct upgrade to Explosive Slugs
> Timed Explosive Slugs - A Time-Delayed Explosive Slug that deals extra impact damage and explodes after an amount if time. It can bounce at walls.
> Pulse Slugs - Single-Projectile Shotgun Rounds that deal energy-damage, slows and impairs targeting, and deals extra damage to mechanical units.

> Overcharged Core/Cell/Cartridge - Deals extra damage
> Microwave Cell/Cartridge - Reduced damage, Increased damage to and slows and impairs mechanical targets. Enemies explode on Death.
> Rechargeable Cell -  Reduced damage and fire-rate, ammunition is refunded and is unlimited ammo.
> Quantum Core - Reduced damage, unlimited ammo.
> Gamma Cartridge / Ionized Core/Cell - Deals extra radiation damage.
> Cryo-Cell - Institute Rifle exclusive, deals AOE Cryo damage. Consecutive direct-hits or critical-hits can freeze a target.

> Concentrated Fuel - Extra Damage, afterburn lasts longer
> Homebrew Fuel - Reduced Damage, lighter, cheaper, easily crafted ammo.
> Irradiated Fuel - Deals extra Radiation Damage.

> Anti-Tank Missile - Increased target damage, but reduced splash damage. Deals damage behind cover.
> Cryo Missile - Deals Energy-Damage and inflicts Slow
> Hallucigen Missile - Deals Frenzy debuff
> High-Explosive Missile - Standard Missile
> Napalm Missile - Deals energy damage and Damage Over Time. Deals extra damage to non mechanical targets.
> Pulse Missile - Deals Energy Damage. Deals Extra damage, Stun and Slow to mechanical targets.
> Plasma Missile - Deals Energy and Physical Damage
> Micro-Nuke Missile - Deals a LOT of damage and Radiation damage.


 > Hunting Rifle - Primarily chambered between 38 and 308, it is relevant in any stage of the game, providing immense single-shot damage with the 50-Cal, or just general damage efficiency of ammunition in between. 

 >  Lever Rifle - Rechambered for the 44-Magnum, and depreciated the use and existence of 45-70, it is much more flexible and versatile. It can shoot 500-Magnum Receiver, or could use Shotgun-Shells. If you are ammo-starved, it can also fire the more common 45-Round.

 > Battle Rifle (Renamed from Assault Rifle) - Heavy-weight, accurate, fast-firing -- a weapon that shoots like a dream if you have the weight to spare. The Battle Rifle allows utilization of heavy ammunition with large capacity and fast rate of fire. Geared for Heavy-Gun users without actually being THAT heavy.

 > Assault Rifle (Renamed from Combat Rifle) - Lightweight, accurate, and controllable even at a distance; the modular Assault Rifle is antithetical to its larger cousin. Normally chambered for 5.56mm, it can be modified into a 45-Caliber submachine-gun, or a 308-Caliber Marksman Rifle.

 > Handmade Rifle - an End-Game counterpart for the Combat Rifle (Now Assault Rifle), it has much of the features, but does so better.

 > Radium Rifle - A radiation-centric rifle, it can be equipped with the Gamma-Receiver that deals the most radiation damage.

 > Railway Rifle - Further fleshed out, it also has different ammunition types. It can fire retrievable ball-bearings, or rivets that explode on proximity.

 > Gauss Cannon (Renamed from Gauss Rifle) - Merely upgraded and fleshed out.

Pistols and Submachine-Gun

> Submachine-Gun - the venerable Tommy-Gun has always been a laughing-stock because of its poor damage efficiency, now it has increased damage with the default, and sprays a lot in VATs. Commonly found without a stock, and with a 20-round stick-magazine, it can be equipped with the military-standard 30-round magazine, or the gangster's drum-magazines, as well as other assorted attachments.

N99 (Renamed from 10mm Pistol) - A generic semi-automatic weapon, while uninteresting it is still a jack of all trades. Capable of firing the .38 for it's capacity, the 10mm Auto for everything, the 45-ACP, 44-Mag, and 50-AE for anything larger. It can be tooled into a stop-gap submachine-gun

 > Magnum (Renamed from 44-Pistol) - Reworked with availability for both 44-Mag, and 45-Auto rounds, it can also fire the 308-Round and 500-Magnum. A pocket-sized cannon, it can also function as a stop-gap rifle.

 > Deliverer - The smallest of the bunch, it is nonetheless formidable. What it lacks in size, it makes up for it's sheer speed, and light-weight. Geared for mostly VATs builds.
Pipe Weapons

 > General - Features the MOST attachments in the game, while they start with poor performance, they can be decent with enough modification. They can be geared either with Commando, Rifleman, Gunslinger, and even Heavy Gunner for strength-builds.

 > Pipe Pistol / Rifle - Billions of different combinations, it can be built into a Pistol, Rifle, Assault-Rifle, Battle-Rifle, Submachine-Gun; Light, Medium, or Heavy Machine-Gun; an Anti-Materiel Rifle, a semi-automatic Sniper-Rifle -- all it takes is the proper attachments.

 > Pipe Bolt-Action - A simpler action, it is easier to tool with stronger ammunition when rate of fire is not that of an issue. Featuring one of the most damage in the game, it can also be tooled as a single-shot Shotgun with the most damage, or into a grenade-launcher with explosive shotgun shells.

 > Pipe Revolver - A midway between power and rate-of-fire, it can also be equipped with the Double-Action trigger providing decent fire-rate though held back by capacity. Like the Bolt-Action, it can be tooled with a shotgun-receiver, a pocket-shotgun or a hunting revolver-shotgun.


 > General - Shotguns, and associated attachments thereof provides close-range damage bonus. They also have tighter spread and longer range over-all, allowing participation at mid-range. When using Shotgun Shells, they can also switch into different ammunition types.

 > Combat Shotgun - Bold and imposing, there is nothing like the Combat Shotgun to create a sense of terror in its adversaries. Commonly chambered for the stalwart Buckshot, it can also be modified to fire 44-Magnum as a Combat Rifle, or 50-Caliber as an Anti-Materiel Rifle.

 > Double Barrel - A classic and robust weapon, it can be tooled either as a double-barrel shotgun, or double-rifle. Access to high-level ammo turning this into an Elephant-Gun, provides use at later stages of the game.
Energy Weapons

 > Laser Musket - an early-game energy weapon, it retains usability in the later stages by sheer damage alone. Though has weaker damage, it has unlimited ammunition and can load more ammo-capacity, likewise it can be equipped with the Semi-Automatic or Automatic Capacitor. Powerful as it is, it solely relies on cranks for this is mostly a backup weapon.

 > Laser Gun -The generic and venerable Laser-Gun, it merely has more attachments to stay relevant further in the game.

 > Institute Gun - A stronger version of the Laser Gun trading damage for slower rate-of-fire. Unlike the Laser-Gun, it can be equipped with a freezing capacitor.

 > Plasma Gun - A merely even-stronger energy weapon, it trades most of its fire-rate even at automatic fire, likewise the slower projectile for sheer power. It can also be equipped with a Grenade Barrel to function as a grenade-launcher.

 > Gatling Laser - Further fleshed out, it has many more options that addresses quality-of-life. It can also be a retooled into a cannon with the Overcharging Barrel.

 > Institute Gatling Laser - an Institute Variant of the Gatling Laser, while it cannot be tooled with the Overcharging Barrel, it is nonetheless more ergonomic and easier to use.  
Heavy Weapons

 > Minigun - somewhat a joke in vanilla, held back by poor damage by poor ammunition, now it can compensate by firing different ammunition. WIth more fleshed-out attachments, it is a lot more fun to use. 

 > Flamer - also somewhat a joke, it's major limiting factor is range which is properly addressed. It also comes with an option for an Incinerator barrel, shooting fireballs at a distance.

 > Missile Launcher - While powerful in itself, weight is it's limiting factor and is thusly addressed -- now lighter, but upgradable means it still gains weight but powerful as a result. The barrel-changes instead reduces damage, providing use with the single-barrel launcher for efficiency. It is also more flexible, allowing it to fire different missile-types of different effects, including the gimmick of Air-Bursting missiles. It can quickly switch between missiles. 

 > Fat Man - A powerful device with little attachments, more variants have been added and with finely-tuned performance, including a stronger explosion. The MIRV now explodes in the presence of enemies like a flying mine; the Rocket attachment allows more accurate pin-point shot; the Bunker-Buster makes sure that enemies have nowhere to hide; and the Targeting Scope to fire-and-forget.

New Legendaries

> Expert's Carbine - VATs-Enhanced Combat Rifle of Bullet during the Kid in the Fridge quest
> Greta's Game - Rapid Combat Rifle of Cinder in Revere Beach Station

> Frontier Justice - a Violent semi-automatic Assault-Rifle with scope and Long-Barrel, located at the Mass-Blood Clinic
> Utter Madness - Explosive Assault Rifle of Sparta in the BADTFL Regional Office
> Butcher's Serenade - Wounding Assault Rifle of Bedlam in Dunwich Borers

> Semper Fi - a Furious Battle-Rifle used by Sinjin during the Silver-Shroud Quest
> Velocitas Eradico - a Battle-Rifle with Accelerating Barrel located at the Federal supply cache 84NE at the Glowing Sea

> Ernie's Bootlegger - Relentless Submachine-Gun of Ernie in Easy City Downs
> Roses and Chocolates - Violent Submachine-Gun of Skinny Malone during the Unlikely Valentine quest

> Lady-Luck - Lucky Pipe Assault-Rifle of Red Tourette at Federal Ration Stockpile
> Quick-Caster - VATs Enhanced Pipe Assault-Rifle of Sully Mathis after draining the Thicket Excavations
> Dianne - Kneecapper Pipe Assault-Rifle of Tower-Tom at Beantown Brewery
> Right-Arm of the Wasteland - is the Resolute Automatic Pipe-Rifle of Malcom in the Echo Lake Lumber

> Van Buren - The Rapid Pipe Bolt-Action Rifle of Amelia-Stockton at the Covenant Compound
> Scheherazade - the Unlimited Capacity Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol of Tweez in Walden Pond

> Peacemaker - Violent Pipe-Revolver of Mayor McDonough
> Five-Pounds - Rapid Pipe-Shotgun of Sturges
> Russian Roulette - the Defiant Pipe-Revolver of Braun on Haddock Cove
> Glorious Revolution - the Resilient Pipe-Revolver of Douglas in Brooke's Head Lighthouse
> Rico's Revenge - VATs-Enhanced Handmade Rifle of Lizzie Wyath

> Dirty Harry - Violent Magnum pistol of Sam Teller in Mad Mulligan's Mine

Optional Changes

 > Projectile-Based Ballistic Weapons - Basically bullets don't hit instantly. There is just something so satisfying nailing a target from a distance when you have properly accounted for the bullet-drop and led the bullet.

 > Non-Looping Full-Auto - A modification of the sound descriptors that changes full-auto sounds from a loop to repeated single-shots.

Known Issues

 > I am not a good programmer. While the features does work, there are some issues like slow downs and weapon-switch lag.
 > Ammo-Switching may instantly switch without reloading, this is due to weapon-switch lag.
 > There's a lot of clutter in the ESP file.
 > Having multiple attachments and keywords can slow down the system, and there's a lot of perks
 > My mod does not necessarily play well with other mods, and I do my own thing in most cases.
 > Not compatible with Horizon.
 > Mid-Game Saves will have broken weapons in the middle of installation. This is because of different attachments points being migrated and changed, as a result unequips attachments, and models associated with those. Such as unequipping a receiver will invariably make a weapon invisible due to missing mesh attachment points.
 > Legendaries are Brute-Forced into the game, this is  done by an alternate, and Identical weapon record simply spawning in place. But as a result, you can recycle the actor and respawn said new Legendaries.
 > Balance may be whack - While the attachments use multiplicative damage and stacks properly, but this also mean that it's easy to get runaway effectiveness that results in completely overpowered weapons.
 > Automatic Laser Musket and Power-Armor don't mix, this is because animator didn't do it.
 > Custom Fusion-Cores can be fed into the Power-Armor Frame -- the other alternative is to have the user blind to the amount of charges between cores.