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You liked my mods but don't like 30+ ESPs? Well here is a merged patch.

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v2 no longer requires AWKCR, but has a patch for it.


v2 is a remerged version, which likely has reshuffled records. You cannot just use to replace the v1.xx with it and expect no bugs -- do so at your own risk.

Different Records means you cannot just install this mid-playthrough of your previous save that used my other mods. You have to uninstall my other overhauls and start a new game.

You liked my mods but don't like 30+ ESPs? Well here is a merged patch. Done so by the Merge Plugin, might have bugs, lower your expectations.

Because this is supposedly an AIO patch of my other overhauls I cannot (or rather don't want to) produce any more patches, as I have included a lot of other patches. 

If there are issues within this merged patch, its likely that I CANNOT easily patch this up. And should I update it, i will be rebuilding it from scratch.


> Improvement of Base Weapons - Such as the SMG, the Flamer, and other weapons lagging behind are buffed appropriately with proper scaling mods.
> Fleshed out Receiver mods - Split into Damage, Trigger, and Frames mod, which respectively allows you to independently choose damage levels from Standard, Hardened, Powerful, and Advanced; mix and match with various trigger types, and frame types, while at the same time comes with different ammo types.
> Multiplicative Damage Table - Properly Scaling damage between ammo-conversions, or barrel types with energy-weapons.
> Added some form of gimmicks and other miscellaneous improvements - new Legendaries, some fixes, additional attachments.

Optional Feature:

 > Projectile Ballistics - Has an additional ESP that will change ballistic projectiles into non-hitscan projectiles. For best result, go to your Documents/MyGames/Fallout4 folder, and add the following to your fallout4.ini file.



 > Pipe Weapons + Materials 
 > Minigun 
 > Laser Musket 
 > Gatling Laser 
 > Laser-Plasma 
 > Missile Launcher
 > SMG 
 > Railway 
 > Hunting Rifle 
 > Combat Weapons 
 > Assault Rifle 
 > Lever Rifle
 > Radium Rifle
 > Handmade Rifle
 > Sidearms
 > Double-Barrel
 > Flamer
 > Fatman

 - Hitman's Right-Handed Hunting-Rifle Reanim