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Abernathy Farm Settlement Blueprint mostly made up of Sim Settlement plots - Only Requires DLC and SS + SS Add-Ons

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This is a simple Settlement Blueprint for Abernathy Farm mostly made up of interior Sim Settlement plots within a building next door.

I highly recommend when you import that you import with "buildings" or "buildings + upgrades" (it should be this setting by default but check to be sure) as all the interior plots are extremely crowded and it took me a good bit of trial and error to get it satisfying enough for both player and NPC pathing.

The general rule before importing is to scrap everything you can as vanilla as possible (without "Scrap everything" mods) but the only thing you need to scrap here is the crops on Abernathy Farm.

This settlement can hold up to 17 settlers. With plenty of room to spare to build upon on the settlement. So this shouldn't be strainful on your game as this is pretty lightweight.

This blueprint by default will take slot 34 (You can change it to any other slot as long as it's between the numbers 1 and 50 with a quick rename to the folder)


Wasteland Workshop
Far Harbor
Vault-Tec Workshop
Sim Settlements (Three-in-one)
Sim Settlements Mega Pack - Year One
Sim Settlements Mega Pack - Year Two  
Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints 

A Quick note for those who don't know that even if you don't have the required mod(s) the Transfer Settlements mod simply won't import the items/objects from those mod(s) and you'll still get everything else although it may look empty and out-of-place.