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ANNOUNCEMENT: Should be last of the Overhauling.

A simple fleshing out of the generally forgotten Double-Barrel shotgun. Now just Double Barrel, you can put .50-Cal rounds to make it an Elephant Gun as you wish. Or if you feel like raising hell to rip-and-tear, maybe the Double-Fire -- that which fires both barrels quickly -- is for you.

Main Changes:

1.) Change Ammo-Types.

  > Shotgun Shell - 65 Base Damage, 8 Projectile.
  > 50-Cal - 96 Base Damage, 1 Projectile, 2.25x Range.
  > 500-Mag - 84 Base Damage, 1 Projectile, 2.00x Range. (PWO)

2.) Fleshed out Receivers

  > Individual Damage Receivers adds 20% damage/level
  > Frames add/reduce damage by 20%, increase or decrease handling, and increase bash damage.
  > Trigger system provides Standard, Hair-Trigger, Calibrated, Armor Piercing, and Double-Fire.

3.) Base Changes

  > Stacking Multiplicative damage, including explosive damage
  > Increased Bash-Damage controlled by Frames

4.) Miscellaneous Changes: 

  > Renamed to "Double Barrel"
  > Longer Barrels
  > Added Scopes

My Weapon Overhauls:

> Pipe Weapons + Materials  
> Minigun  
> Laser Musket  
> Gatling Laser  
> Laser-Plasma  
> Missile Launcher 
> SMG  
> Railway  
> Hunting Rifle  
> Combat Weapons 
> Assault Rifle  
> Lever Rifle 
> Radium Rifle 
> Handmade Rifle 
> Sidearms
> Double-Barrel 
> Flamer 
> Fatman
> All-In-One Merged Pack