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Actually renamed "Battle Rifle". Do you fancy HMGs? Do you? Well slap a .50-Reciever with Heavy-Barrel and a Box Mag, and enjoy that steady chug of the HMG in your hands.

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Actually renamed "Battle Rifle". I retained the name "Assault Rifle" despite the rename to point out that it modifies an existing vanilla weapon. Had it been a "Battle Rifle Overhaul", people is going to be like "What the **** is a Battle Rifle in Fallout 4?".

A complete overhaul of the Assault Rifle, featuring more fleshed-out attachments. Meshes by JKruse05 from the AARP, and Sajotomov from Sajotomov's Armory.

Do you fancy HMGs? Do you? Well slap a .50-Receiver with Heavy-Barrel and a Box Mag, and enjoy that steady chug of the HMG in your hands.

Main Changes:

1.) Change Ammo-Types more flexibly.

  > 5mm - 20 Base Damage, + 40% Fire-Rate, +20 round capacity
  > 5.56mm - 33 Base Damage, +25% Fire-Rate
  > 308 - 40 Base Damage
  > 50 - 68 Base Damage, -50% Fire-Rate
  > 7.62 - 37 Base Damage (Nuka World)
  > 3006 - 50 Base Damage, -25% Fire-Rate (PWO)

2.) Fleshed out Receivers

  > Individual Damage Receivers adds 20% damage/level
  > Frames add/reduce damage by 20%, increase or decrease handling, and increase bash damage.
  > Trigger system provides standard, Hair-Trigger, Automatic, Calibrated, Armor Piercing, Automatic AP, and Rapid Automatic.

3.) Base Changes

  > Assault Rifle Ammo to 308
  > Renamed to "Battle Rifle"
  > Now a Heavy Gun by default. This is to provide more flexible Heavy-Guns build, as there are already other ways to utilize the Gunslinger/Commando.
  > Stacking Multiplicative damage, including explosive damage
  > Increased Bash-Damage controlled by Frames

4.) Miscellaneous Changes: 

  > Rebalanced Barrels
  > Modified Sights
  > Added Box Mag and Small Magazine

5.) Added Legendaries:
 > Semper Fi - Legendary 5.56mm Automatic Battle-Rifle of Sinjin [Silver Shroud], with furious attachment.
 > Velocitas Eradico - A unique Battle Rifle situated somewhere at the Glowing Sea. It is equipped with an Accelerating Barrel.

 > JKRuse05 - AARP Resources
 > Satojomov's Armory Resources ( https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28388 )
 > MomoNya - Thinner Assault Rifle Receiver

My Weapon Overhauls:

> Pipe Weapons + Materials  
> Minigun  
> Laser Musket  
> Gatling Laser  
> Laser-Plasma  
> Missile Launcher 
> SMG  
> Railway  
> Hunting Rifle  
> Combat Weapons 
> Assault Rifle  
> Lever Rifle 
> Radium Rifle 
> Handmade Rifle 
> Sidearms
> Double-Barrel 
> Flamer 
> Fatman
> All-In-One Merged Pack