Fallout 4
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This mod allows you to have more control over what your character does with unarmed power attacks and gun bashing. It also allows the player character to use the SLIDE KICK move that NPC's do. Also includes bonus features with regards to kill moves.

Permissions and credits
I. What it does
This mod gives the player more control of what kind of moves are used during power attacks and gun bashes by using the aim/block button as a modifier.
NEW IN V 1.1!
I added conditions that make sense. (i.e. you will not perform power attacks that involve your right arm if it is crippled, you won't body slam your enemy when you're holding a minigun, also YOUR power attack will not involve YOUR ENEMY'S right arm if it is crippled, and so much more.)
Added an optional file that allows NPC's to use the counter moves on the player.
Allows all counter animations to be used by one handed weapons. (see known issues)
Added a misc file that only has the slide kick feature for those who want it.

II. How does it do it
In a very light, efficient, and script-free way. Tinkering with the conditions of the animation files.

III. Controls
Counter - press the POWER ATTACK(GUN BASH) button
Knockdown - press the POWER ATTACK(GUN BASH) button while BLOCKING(AIMING)

IV. Installation
Use your mod manager of choice.
Uninstalling is completely safe.

V. Compatibility
Not compatible with mods that tamper with the counter animations.
Fully compatible with all weapon mods as long as they use the correct keywords for their weapons. If wrong keywords are used, it will still work, but might look wierd. (Minigun mod that does not put WeaponTypeHeavy keyword might cause your player to body slam someone while carrying a minigun. Not immersive)

VI. Bonus Features
Removed condition "humanrace" from the kill moves. This allows the player to perform kill moves on other humanoid NPC's that have the animations with them. e.g. non feral ghouls and gen 1/2 synths
Removed condition sneaking from sneaking kill moves so you can perform kill moves on humanoid NPC's even if you're behind them. Will not apply sneak bonus.
Allows the player character to use the SLIDE KICK!

Does this work in first person? No, I would have made it work had there been first person counter animations. But Bethesda didn't make some.
Does this require your Melee Slide Kick Move mod? No, this mod is completely standalone.
Does this work when you use slow time effects? No it does not. You couldn't do this in vanilla TES5 or vanilla FO4. I've not found a mod that does this nor do I know how to do it myself.
My saved game broke, is this mod to blame? No, absolutely not, this does nothing to your saved game.

VIII. Known Issues
The optional 1H weapons support allows you to do the counter animations while wielding 1H weapons. But the sound of the punches will be the sound of the weapon you're using. (e.g. punching while wielding a knife will produce a stabbing sound instead of a punching sound). I've not found a way to fix this without possibly editing the weapons themselves so I decided not to for maximum compatibility with weapon mods. So it's a choice of Immersion VS Aesthetics

IX. Recommended Mods
Weapon Disarm - allows you to disarm your opponent by shooting his weapon hand so you can safely charge in with your fists.


Credits to Niero for the amazing armors (Courser Strigidae and Chosen of Atom) seen in the images.