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A complete overhaul of the Combat Weapons, featuring more fleshed-out attachments.

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A complete overhaul of the Combat Weapons, featuring more fleshed-out attachments. This mod turns the Combat Rifle and Combat Shotgun into distinct weapons. The Combat Rifle -- now "Assault Rifle", uses rifle rounds by default, and can switch between high-rate and low-rate of fire depending on the barrel length to cater on different ranges.

The Combat Shotgun is made to be more flexible and easier to handle. It can cater to a robust long-range shotgun, or a gentle short-ranged automatic-shotgun, and with ammunition changes it can become a mid-range automatic Combat Rifle, a semi-automatic Anti-Materiel Rifle, or a fully-automatic Heavy Assault Rifle. 

Main Changes:

1.) Base Changes

 > Renamed Combat Rifle to Assault Rifle, or to Marksman Rifle depending on setup
 > Combat Shotgun now turns either Combat Shotgun or Combat Rifle depending on ammo, or to Assault Shotgun or Heavy Assault Rifle depending on setup.
 > Reduced base-capacity of Combat Shotgun to 4
 > Stacking Multiplicative damage, including explosive damage
 > Increased Bash-Damage controlled by Frames
 > Bayonets give +2x Bash Damage.
 > Reduced Combat Shotgun Base AP Cost from 35 to 30.

2.) Change Ammo-Types more flexibly.

 > Combat Rifle 5mm - 16 Base Damage, + 40% Fire-Rate
 > Combat Rifle 45 - 26 Base Damage, +25% Fire-Rate
 > Combat Rifle 5.56 - 33 Base Damage
 > Combat Rifle 308 - 42 Base Damage,
 > Combat Gun 12-Ga - 65 Base Damage
 > Combat Gun 44-Mag - 40 Base Damage, 1.35x Range, +12 Capacity
 > Combat Gun 30-06 - 54 Base Damage, 1.75x Range, +12 Capacity (PWO)
 > Combat Gun 50-Cal - 80 Base Damage, 1.75x Range

3.) Fleshed out Receivers

 > Individual Damage Receivers adds 20% damage/level
 > Frames add/reduce damage by 20%, increase or decrease handling, and increase bash damage by 100 or reduce by 50.
 > Trigger system provides standard, Hair-Trigger, Automatic, Calibrated, Armor Piercing, Automatic AP, and Rapid Automatic.

4.) Miscellaneous Changes: 

 > Added Combat Shotgun longer barrel.
 > Rebalanced Barrels: Combat Gun Barrels increase recoil with longer barrels; Assault Rifle reduce rate-of-fire with long-barrels.
 > Added additional magazines

 > Peekachuw - Meshes

My Weapon Overhauls:

> Pipe Weapons + Materials  
> Minigun  
> Laser Musket  
> Gatling Laser  
> Laser-Plasma  
> Missile Launcher 
> SMG  
> Railway  
> Hunting Rifle  
> Combat Weapons 
> Assault Rifle  
> Lever Rifle 
> Radium Rifle 
> Handmade Rifle 
> Sidearms
> Double-Barrel 
> Flamer 
> Fatman
> All-In-One Merged Pack