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Added two new syringer rifles and a pistol.
Added 7 new syringer types, enhanced bleedout syringe range.
Added 5 new grenades. 1 late replacement for hallucigens.
Vanilla signal grenades available for crafting after quest points.
Vanilla booze/ chems/ drinks/ ammo/ components.
Adds new chems and devices.

Permissions and credits
Started out as an ammo mod, evolving into a Chem lab experimenter's party piece :D

NMM Auto Install should take you through it. Select the modules that you want. For vanilla crafting options you may select more than one module (3rd page of installer)
If manually installing, please only take one file from each folder category and paste it into your F04 data directory.

For modules that affect vanilla items, it is recommended that the load order should be after better item sorting, weightless mod or comm chem expanded mods. No other known potential conflicts.

Feel free to check out my other mod Armour Categories Re-done.

I also highly recommend the following grenade mod better institute synth relay grenades by stiffywoods.

1. So you may have noticed everyone switching over to AKCR recently. needed to update the rifles and pistols files linked to that to be compatible with AKCR for those who were using Crafting workbenches. Thanks to battousai for performing the patch.

If anyone wants to work on creating new textures, explosion effects, projectile looks for the added items.
Or add things into this mod.
Make it interlinked with other mods,
Let me know, i'm pretty sure we could get it integrated into options of the main file or even a cross-link to your file.

Planned Update (V1.16)
None for now.

Future Update (V1.16+?)
Nano-bot effects to revive downed companions. This i'm pretty sure is an AV follower state but as of current i have no information on how to modify this to ensure they getup properly. Or it might be a dialog state stuck somewhere among the millions of dialogue options.

Tweaks where necessary to damage or effects.

Current State
This mod at current, adds items into the following crafting categories:
1. Rifles/Pistol (Shoots Syringe Ammo) , see below for information on new additions
2. Syringer Ammo aka cartridges, see below for information on new additions
3. Grenades, see below for information on new additions
4. Chems / Medicines / Drinks and Food , see below for information on new additions
5. Devices , see below for information on new additions
6. Misc. crafting options.
- Vanilla Ammo and Fusion Core
- Vanilla Chems / Drinks / Grenade / Mines
- Signal / Relay Grenade
- Crafting of higher complexity components from lower level ones.
- Deconstruction of some higher complexity components to lower level ones.
- Weightless AID Option with better item sorting naming.

Please let me know of your experience with the mod in your posts. If there are any bugs or adverse effects, let me know in the bug area and i will try to fix them immediately. While i do test these new additions before posting, i may miss something while doing so.

Older versions are available for manual download in the files section.

  • Tranquilizer "Hunting" Rifle - The age old rifle that is used to tranquilize elephants, rhinos and other animals that are lost to time. Rediscovered at a old hunting lodge in the commonwealth. Now you can own a bit of the old nostalgia that hunters had. Craftable at a chemistry workbench. Requires gun nut 1.
  • Tranquilizer "Military" Rifle - A military variant of the hunting rifle but designed for combat medics instead. Support your troops from afar! Or as some grunts put it, re-defining "Friendly Fire". Craftable at a chemistry workbench. Requires gun nut 2.
  • Standard Pipe Syringer - Post-war there were a lot of medical syringes lying around and not many pre-war weapons to utilize it. Chem junkies invented this as a way to play pranks on others by jacking people up with chemicals. Others were far more crafty in its utilization though. Craftable at a chemistry workbench.
  • Tranquilizer "Kingsman" Pistol - A curiosity found in quincy said to have been used by spies of the american CIA unit against soft targets around the world. Light and compact, its surprising versatility lay in the numerous ammunition option choices agents had at their disposal. Craftable at a chemistry workbench. Requires gun nut 3.


Note for all cartridges : Because they are directly injected, these cartridges as a general rule, ignore armour ratings of their targets. Thus, their damage even at higher levels of enemies with heavy armour, are potent. Damages will also stack. The only planned damage types that have inherent resistance will be poison and radiation. 

Damage Interaction for cartridges. Give your follower a cartridge rifle too! Make sure you pair the right ammo together!
Amplification = 200% more damage!
Mitigation = 0 Damage :(
1. Poison amplifies fire (Poisons are flammable!)
2. Fire mitigates Ice vice versa (They hate each other!)
3. Ice amplifies shock (Causes more painful spasms)
4. Ice mitigates Poison (slows poison spread)
5. Shock amplifies poison (Open up your muscles to absorb more)
6. Fire mitigates shock. (Charred things don't wanna feel a thing.....)

  • Taser Cartridge - The Brotherhood of Steel has collected significant amounts of information about old pre-war weapons and Proctor Ingram has managed to recreate this cartridge known as the Taser. Electrical Damage, induces paralysis and causes mechanical servos to malfunction, slowing robotic targets. (Higher Mk variants increase paralysis time and damage) Reduces strength of target. 

All - Causes paralysis. Reduces Strength, Reduced external energy resistance..
Mk.1 - 75 shock damage over 5s. Causes paralysis and slows robots/turrets for 10s.  [Chemist 1 and Science 1]
Mk.2 - 105 shock damage over 7s. Causes paralysis and slows robots/turrets for 12s. [Chemist 1 and Science 2]
Mk.3 - 150 shock damage over 10s. Causes paralysis and slows robots/turrets for 15s. [Chemist 1 and Science 3]
Mk.4 - 210 shock damage over 14s. Causes paralysis and slows robots/turrets for 19s. [Chemist 1 and Science 4]
Buildable After : Show No Mercy Brotherhood Quest

  • Boiler Cartridge - The minuteman have always had their number ticking against the monsters of the commonwealth. To even the odds, several ingenious pioneers figured a way to inject greek flame and keep the monsters at bay. PS. Do not piss off Ronnie. Inject fire into their veins or components! Watch them scream and run. Runs in Fear. (Higher Mk variants increase damage.) Reduces perception of target.

    All - Causes Fear. Reduced perception. Increased external damage and energy resistance
    Mk.1 - 90 fire damage over 5s. Causes fear 10s. [Chemist 1 and Science 1]
    Mk.2 - 125 fire damage over 5s. Causes fear 10s. [Chemist 1 and Science 2]
    Mk.3 - 175 fire damage over 5s. Causes fear 10s. [Chemist 1 and Science 3]
    Mk.4 - 250 fire damage over 5s. Causes fear 10s. [Chemist 1 and Science 4]

    Buildable After : Taking Independence Minuteman Quest

  • Cryo Cartridge - Vault 111 proudly presents our new line of cryo weaponry, invented after the great war. This was seen as a non-lethal alternative to slow targets for capture by Vault security. Enjoy yours today! Cold Damage, targets are slowed. Target becomes brittle, making them more vulnerable to ballistics but more resistant against energy (Higher Mk variants increase slow effect and damage) Reduces agility of target.

All - Causes slow. Reduced Agility. Increased external energy resistance. Reduced external ballistic resistance. Random chance to freeze.
Mk.1 - Causes 85 Cold Damage. Targets slowed 30% for 10s. [Chemist 1 and Science 1]
Mk.2 - Causes 120 Cold Damage. Targets slowed 40% for 10s. [Chemist 1 and Science 2]
Mk.3 - Causes 160 Cold Damage. Targets slowed 50% for 10s. [Chemist 1 and Science 3]
Mk.4 - Causes 220 Cold Damage. Targets slowed 60% for 10s. [Chemist 1 and Science 4]

Buildable After : Upon exiting Vault 111.

  • Uranium Fever Cartridge - A concoction first brewed by someone out among the glowing sea. Gives the target a mighty fever, which clouds their judgement and also quite unfortunately dulls their pain and increases their aggression. Use on a big baddy, watch them kill everyone else. Frenzy, boosted damage and resistances. Mk.2 variants utilize a timed poison to kill the subject. Mk.3 variants uses the bloatfly larva's innate recognition capabilities to their parent to alter subject brain patterns, resulting in avoidance and recognition in affected subjects. Does not work on robots turrets or synths.

Mk.1 - Standard Frenzy for 30s. Buffs damage and critical hit chance. Buffs ballistic and energy resistances.
   Does radiation damage over 60s. [Chemist 2 and Science 2]
Mk.2 - Same as Mk.1, affected subject is killed after effect is over. [Chemist 3 and Science 2]
Mk.3 - Same as Mk.2, affected subject ignores player and companion. [Chemist 4 and Science 2]

Buildable After : The Glowing Sea Main Quest

  • Nanobot Cartridge - A culmination of institute research into advanced robotics and energy systems. These nanobots work with a Vault-Tec PipBoy, to identify friends and allies, to whom they apply regenerative repair procedures. Otherwise the results are not pleasant, organ deconstruction leads to a painful and slow death. Maybe their batteries will run out first? Damages enemies but heals allies. Upgraded nanobots will enhance or degrade subject synaptic response, resulting in enhanced or degraded response times. Inject yourself with nanobots or shoot them at someone else. The choice is yours.

Mk.1 - Heals/Damages for 240 over 30s. [Science 3]
Mk.2 - Heals/Damages for 330 over 30s. Buffs allies with  dodge chance, slows enemies 10%. [Science 4]
Mk.3 - Heals/Damages for 450 over 30s. Same as Mk.2, also drains/regens AP by 10 [Science 4 and after Pinned Quest]

Buildable After : Institutionalized Institute Quest

  • AI Hijacker Cartridge - A Tinker Tom specialty, the life of a railroad agent has never been easy with all the emphasis on stealth. Sometimes enemy defenses and use of robotics can ruin any approach of stealth. It does however, present an opportunity to turn the tides with robotic slaves on their former "masters". (Mk 2 prevents turrets from targeting player, plus affects synths.) Works on robots/turrets/synths.

Mk.1 - Deletes robot and turret combat parameters,targeting everyone for 30s. [Science 2 and hacker 1]
Mk.2 - Hacks robots and turrets, making them ignore the player almost forever. Synths recognition capabilities are interfered with, may result in friendly fire for 30s. [Science 3 and Hacker 2]
Mk.3 - Hacks robots, turrets and synths. [Science 4 and Hacker 3]

Buildable After : Tradecraft Railroad Quest

Addendum : If someone knows how to attach a script to an FO4Edit magic effect, please let me know so i can properly fix the Mk.2 and 3. which operates in a stopgap zone.

  • Dissolver Syringe Poisons - Annoyed by all the creatures of the commonwealth spitting acid and poisons at you? Return them the favour! Perhaps, it's your turn to annoy your fellow humans! Neuro-toxic poisons disarms your opponent too! Or it might have been an allergic reaction.

Mk.1 - 60 points poison damage over 10s. Disarms target. 
Mk.2 - 80 points posion damage over 10s. Disarms target. [Chemist 1]
Mk.3 - 110 points poison damage over 10s. Disarms target. [Chemist 2]
Mk.4 - 150 points poison damage over 10s. Disarms target. [Chemist 3]

Buildable After : Upon exiting Vault 111.

  • Knock-Out Dart - Knock someone or something unconscious! Or just use it to knock them off the roof. A combination concussion and sedation charge ensures that you can sneak around with impunity! Lasts for 10 minutes. So take your time and case the joint for valuables.

Mk.1 - Knocks out target for 10 minutes. Concussion may also affect non-living things. [Chemist 1]

Buildable After : Upon exiting Vault 111.

  • Concussion Grenade - The concussion grenade is a favourite of railroad operatives to secure an area from hostile and friendly synths. It allows operatives to relatively quickly secure the situation and be gone before anyone even remembers what happened before a loud bang. Knocks the enemy unconscious for 8s. Enemy stays in a disoriented state for 15s. Robots and Turrets will also have their sensors momentarily disrupted and will require reboot time. [Demolition Expert 2 and Chemist 2]

Buildable After : Tradecraft Railroad Quest

  • Nanobot Grenade - A larger amount of institute nanobots packed into a dispersant vessel. However, since bots are not injected, they will have to contend with enemy armour, our newly developed armour plates continue to allow normal nano-bot movement to perform their healing duties. Nanobots work faster at a cost of battery life. Hot and heavy combat? Health low? Throw a nanobot grenade at your feet! (Mk 2 with buff/debuff)

Mk.1 - Heals/Damages 300 over 10s. (Affected by enemy armour) [Demolition Expert 3 and Science 3]
Mk.2 - Heals/Damages 420 over 10s. Slows enemies and boosts ally dodge. [Demolition Expert 3 and Science 4]
Mk.3 - Heals/Damages for 580 over 10s. Same as Mk.2, also drains/regens AP [DE 3, SCI 4 and after Pinned Quest]

Buildable After : Institutionalized Institute Quest

  • Antimatter Grenade - Using knowledge obtained from Mass Fusion, it is now possible to produce minute amounts of anti-matter thanks to the additional power obtained from the beryllium agitator. With no immediate utility usage, the most apparent use for antimatter is as a weapon. Placed in a micro-containment field as use for field grenades, it gives off a large explosion that should prove deadly to any being in its blast radius. Does 500 damage in a 450 blast radius, also creates a small amount of radiation. [Requires Demolition Expert 4 and Nuclear Physicist 3]

Warning to User : Anti-matter should at all times be kept in it's containment field. Do not injest. Side effects include extremely explosive dematerialization. Deadly blast and radius, use in cover or far away!

Buildable After : Mass Fusion Institute Quest or Spoils of War Brotherhood Quest

  • Uranium Fever Grenade - Your favourite concoction of madness now in a bottle! Erm, I mean grenade! Inhale the bright green gas and.... Rarh Hulk will smash you!! Same stat effects as Uranium Fever Mk.3 Cartridge. Let your enemies fight each other, for Science! Essentially a replacement for when you are out of Hallucigen cannisters with an upgrade of sorts. [Requires Chemist 4 and Demolition Expert 1]

Buildable After : The Glowing Sea Main Quest.

  • Custer's Cluster - Well, the gunners may have read a bit too much into the history of his last stand. Their understanding of it seems to be "kill everyone when you have no other option left". Pretty much fits into their mercenary philosophy however. A sight to behold, often seen in use for clearing houses, rooms and even large expanses of open terrain from hostiles. This is certainly the biggest bang of Custer's last stand. Deploys a cluster of 6 fragmentation grenades from point of pack explosion. [Demolition Expert 3]

Warning to all Gunners : Dispersal of grenades can be unpredictable and is not recommended for deployment with friendlies nearby. Use only when it's your last stand or for clearing rooms and houses with extreme prejudice! Friendly fire will not be tolerated in our ranks.

Buildable After : Exiting Vault 111 (Available in V1.10)

  • Neutron Pulser - Whether or not you agree with the Children of Atom, their fanaticism to spreading atom's glow is undeniable. To that end, they have come up with a means to spread its glow even further. A deeper understanding of Atom's will has allowed them to create the Neutron Pulser. An insidious grenade, it converts matter into more of Atom's children, which are then used to create more ammunition for the Gamma Guns and more Neutron Pulser's. Scary. Deals 500/s radiation damage over 10s. Chance to create a nuclear material filled goop pile from your enemies. [Science 3]

Buildable After : The Glowing Sea Main Quest (Available in V1.10)

  • Adrenaline Shot - Frequently used by pre-war militaries to temporarily boost the combat effectiveness of its troops. A replica of this chemical compound has been developed by the brotherhood and is authorized for combat use. [Chemist 2]

Slows time, increases movement speed for 20s. Buffs AP and AP Regen Rate for 30s. Numbs Pain providing 25 Damage Resist. User suffers crash for 50s after effects wear off, -2 INT AND PER.

Buildable After : Show No Mercy Brotherhood Quest (Chemistry Workbench Drug)

  • Virgil's FEV Lite - Virgil's research into FEV and its cure have led to this rather remarkable drug, allowing you to have some of the benefits of a supermutant for a short period of time without turning into a hulking green monster. [Chemist 2]

Buffs endurance and strength by 4. Buffs health by 100. Buffs melee damage by 50%. Reduce INT, CHR by 2. Lasts 10 minutes.

Buildable After : From Within Brotherhood Quest. (Chemistry Workbench Drug)

  • Anti Venin - Poisonous creatures are a staple of life in the commonwealth, settlers and militiamen have long learned how to use local herbs to create remedies against its worst effects.

Increases poison resistance by 50, buffs endurance by 1 and heals 1 HP/s for 2 minutes.

Buildable After : Exiting Vault 111 (Chemistry Workbench Healing)

  • Super Smoothie - The health nuts invaded the commonwealth long before the great war, seems they were right though. When combined together, the health benefits of the hardy plants growing in the commonwealth can be a significant health booster. Of course no one mentioned it just needed to be really concentrated.

Boosts all SPECIAL stats by 1 for 15 minutes and applies well-rested.

Buildable After : Exiting Vault 111 (Cooking Bench Beverage)

  • Rad Lite - Radiation Poisoning can be insidious. More often than not long term exposure to low doses can be more deadly than a large dose due to a lack of side effects. Make sure you cleanse regularly with Rad Lite and stay fit and healthy in the commonwealth

Removes 150 Rads.

Buildable After : Exiting Vault 111 (Chemistry Workbench Healing)

  • Rad Be-Gone - Developed by scavengers roaming areas near the glowing sea, this concoction works great for extended forays into the radiated wasteland that makes up the outskirts of the commonwealth, especially when the really dangerous radiation storms occur. [Chemist 1]

Boosts radiation resistance by 50 and removes 20Rads/s for 10 minutes.

Buildable After : Exiting Vault 111 (Chemistry Workbench Healing)

  • Mysterious Serum Replica - A chemist's dream in trying to replicate an artificial variant of Lorenzo Cabot's blood extract, this replica achieves pretty much the same effect minus the really long life span. [Chemist 4]

Boosts Damage Resist, Strength and removes rads. Lasts 1 hour.

Buildable After : The Secret of Cabot House Quest (Chemistry Workbench Healing)

  • Seafood Special - Nothing beats lobster! The only thing better than lobster is a giant lobster, which is a mirelurk... Well cooked with some extra ingredients, you get a delicious tasting meal. Bound to give you energy for the rest of the day.

Boosts AP by 50, AP Regen Rate by 5 for 2 hours. Heals 120 health

Buildable After : Exiting Vault 111 (Cooking Bench Roast) (Available in V1.10)

  • X-111 Replica - It wouldn't be long before people figured a better way to deal with radiation. Despite the brotherhood's best attempts to keep X-111 for itself. Many settlers soon figured out how to create the stuff with their skilled knowledge of chemistry and medical research information from Med-Tek. [Medic 1 and Chemist 3]

Removes 600 Rads.

Buildable After : Long Road Ahead Companion Quest (Chemistry Workbench Healing) (Available in V1.10)

  • Adrenaline Crash Booster - "Feeling down? A little pick me up is all you need. I know combat can be rough and therefore I've developed something to ease over the symptoms of using adrenaline shots, should also leave you feeling really good for a while." - Knight-Captain Cade [Medic 1 and Chemist 3]

Cancels out adrenaline shot negative effects. Boosts luck

Buildable After : Benign Intervention Companion Quest (Chemistry Workbench Healing) (Available in V1.10)

  • Stimpak+ - An upgrade over existing Stimpak's, this brand new concoction was created with information obtained from Med-Tek. [Medic 1 and Chemist 2]

Increased healing over normal Stimpaks base heal by 50%.

Buildable After : Long Road Ahead Companion Quest (Chemistry Workbench Healing) (Available in V1.10)

  • Vault 81 Cure Replica - With all the knowledge the sole survivor has learned from their travels at Vault 95, Med-Tek and Vault 81. The realization hits hard, that a cure for the annoying itch that is the symptom of molerat disease, is actually possible to create. Maybe you should have just asked Curie for the chemical compound recipe hmm?  [Medic 2 and Chemist 4]

Removes molerat disease

Buildable After : Benign Intervention and Long Road Ahead Companion Quests (Chemistry Workbench Healing) (Available V1.10)

  • Railroad Stealthboy - Tinker Tom's been busy working up a treat for you! It's a re-engineered stealth boy! [Science 4]

Makes user invisible for 40s.

Buildable After : Tradecraft Railroad Quest

  • Infiltrator - Used by pre-war special forces groups before the stealth boy became popular. It combines holo-projection and noise cancellation technologies to give stealth operators an edge in the field. Each unit had a 10 minute battery life. Yes, the sound suppression also works while running. [Science 0-3 for various power levels]

Makes user more difficult to detect in the shadows, quiets their noise outputs.

Buildable After : Exiting Vault 111 (Chemistry Workbench Devices)

  • Dynamic Combat Shield - Originally a funded project by the US Military before the mass fielding of power armour. The device never got off the ground due to a lack of powerful miniature emitters and complex AI algorithms. Advanced systems however continued developing the technology and has been able to miniaturize it for field use. These prototype units uses advanced field generators that help to deflect high speed energy particles and ballistics around the user, reducing damage taken. It is intended for use in heavy firefights where survivability is paramount. Lasts for 60s. [Science 0-3 for various power levels]

Reduced % damage taken by user

Buildable After : Institutionalized Quest (Chemistry Workbench Devices)

  • Director's Guardian - An invention of advanced systems in consultation with its new director, this complex prototype unit combines pre-war infiltrator technology with an advanced variant of the combat shield. It was made specifically for the director of the institute when he/she needed to travel to the surface. The unit has AI and sensors that help to optimize and conserve energy usage allowing for extended field use while also allowing for offensive use of the combat shielding against melee aggressors. Lasts for 10 minutes. Well and thanks for getting wallace, his genius made it possible. [Science 4]

Reduced damage taken by user, suppresses movement noise, makes user more difficult to detect in shadows. Melee damage reflected

Buildable After : Pinned Institute Quest (Chemistry Workbench Devices)

MISC (Options)
  • Grenades, mines, injestibles, syringes and catridges are weightless.
  • Injestibles, grenades, mines, syringes and catridges follow better item sorting name conventions.
  • Signal and relay grenades available for crafting after their quest paths.
  • Nuka grenades/mines are available for crafting
  • Beer, spirits, nuka colas now brewed at a cooking station near you. Making Ice Cold units requires asbestos. Gwinett line excluded.
  • Vanilla chems previously not craftable can be crafted.
  • Grenades are crafted in batches of 5, syringes and cartridges in 10.
  • Ammo crafting (includes fusion core)
  • Component to Component Crafting (Lower level components can form higher level ones)
  • Select complex components can be deconstructed.
  • Deconstructed, Nuclear Distillate and Metal Slag Bar are placed in JUNK upon crafting, others are placed in MISC.

Many credits to the creators of better item sorting, comm chem expanded and weightless mods.