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A Sim Settlement's Leaders Pack featuring almost all recruitable NPCs from the Vanilla game and DLCs to become leaders of Rise Of The Commonwealth cities

Permissions and credits

Requires Sim Settlements version 4.1.2 or greater
and Rise of the Commonwealth expansion version 4.0.10 or greater

>> [ Official Google Sheet ] Get All Leaders Information Here <<

This is currently the largest of all leader packs featuring almost all of the game's vanilla's, companions, level 4 merchants, recruitable NPCs you find throughout your gameplay,  and also NPCs from DLCs. You can find all the information of all leaders in the official Google Sheet of this mod in the link above to know how to recruit each NPC, their requirements, their traits and all of the traits descriptions.

If you enjoyed the Leader Pack please consider endorsing and sharing with your friends, and if you REALLY liked it, then small donations are always welcomed.

Simply download via Vortex / Mod Manager.
If manually, extract the file and place it in the Data folder in the game's installation folder

Other Versions:
XBOX: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4123044
PC (Bethesda.net): https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4123037

If use other leader packs or any mods that also make alterations to the NPCs featured in this pack then I highly recommend you to set this mod on bottom your load order, otherwise some of this mod's information will be misleading or some of the Leaders may not work properly

Sim Settlements 2 is out and I've been questioned whether or not I will be porting NBL to SS2, and the short answer is YES I will ... eventually.
Truth is not any time soon, as SS2 is very different from SS1 on how the Leaders are added, which means I need to learn the new system and also re-work the whole NBL mod as there were some big issues with it one of them being the fact that only people with all the DLCs could use it, in fact a while ago I was working on version 2 which would have fixed most of its issues (including the one regarding the DLCs) which I never got the time to finish.
So yes I will be working on NBL for SS2 but I might take a while, so bear with me.

Thank you for you consideration and see you soon.

Important Notes:
This mod also makes a few alterations to some NPCs and quests from the base game that were made to fix issues with some NPCs, make NPCs work properly with the mod, and quality of life tweaks, which are as follow:
- Fixed Phyllis Daily character not being assigned to Egret Tours Marina by default after her quest is over and she'd stay in the settlement.
- Fixed Trader Rylee's quest while attempting to recruit her, where her answer would always be negative even if her requirements to recruit her were met.
- Some settlers from some settlements such as "Tenpines Bluff" are simply named "Settler" in the vanilla game, this mod gives them proper first name and their surname is after their home settlement. (e.g: Matthew Tenpines)
- Child NPCs will not work on basic jobs and count for settlements population, this is because the game's engine counts them toward settlements population and also assigns them to basic jobs like food or scavenging. The problem with this is they cannot be commanded to do anything or moved to another settlement, and Sim Settlements also does not assign them to any kind of plots, and this will lead into negative effects towards your settlements citizen needs.

- Kingath (for creating Sim Settlements and for the tips)
- The Sim Settlements Team (for all the amazing work)
- All Other Leaders Packs Authors (for inspiration)